'Canada's Drag Race': Stephanie Prince On Acting In 'Screech' And Her Shocking Elimination
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'Canada's Drag Race': Stephanie Prince On Acting In 'Screech' And Her Shocking Elimination

Another week means another queen must leave Canada’s Drag Race, and fan-favorite Stephanie Prince is the one that got the chop. Prince might have been the third queen to leave Canada’s Drag Race, but she said she quickly made bonds with her other castmates.

“We were so isolated in that room…all we have to do is talk and get to know each other and [hear] so many stories about the girls,” she said to Shadow and Act. “I was only there for the third episode, [but] I [can’t] imagine if I was there the whole [season], hearing more stories. But I got to know them so well, especially Oceane [Aqua-Black]‘s stories and Pythia’s. It’s amazing.”

The challenge that sent Prince home, acting in the horror spoof Screech, was one she was actually looking forward to.

“I was very excited for the acting challenge, to be honest with you, because I thought I’m a good actor. I still think I did great in the challenge. But my plan was to really know [my] lines, overexaggerate your character, no matter how small or big the script is. I feel like I did that. I definitely over-acted my character.”

Photo: World of Wonder

If you were surprised to see Prince in the bottom, she was also shocked. She also wasn’t the only one who thought she did better than the judges made it seem.

“I was very surprised. Everybody thought I was going to be in the top when I walked into the room. And then when I walked in and said, ‘I’m in the bottom,’ everybody was so shocked.”

“…But you know, someone has to go and…there’s nothing I can do to change that,” she continued. “I wish I can go back to the past, to that exact moment. Do I regret anything that I did? No. But would I change some things, probably, if I knew what was going to be the outcome.”

For Snatch Game, Prince was considering imitating Patti LaBelle, Jessica Batten from the reality TV show Love is Blind, and Cardi B. She laughed when she was told Oceane Aqua-Black, who was the second eliminated queen, also considered Cardi B as one of her choices.

“See? There would’ve been a fight,” she said, jokingly.

What Prince has taken away from the Drag Race experience is how intense drag can be.

“My biggest lesson is that drag is hard,” she said. “[Drag Race] is definitely the Olympics of drag.” She added that she also came away with a newfound sisterhood with the other queens, saying, “It’s very special. I think about it [all the] time.”

Canada’s Drag Race airs Thursdays on WOW Presents Plus.

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