Cannes 2013 - Film Based On 2010 Rio de Janeiro Favela Alemao Drug Raid, In Production
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Cannes 2013 - Film Based On 2010 Rio de Janeiro Favela Alemao Drug Raid, In Production


A feature film based on a 2010  Rio de Janeiro favela drug seige is currently in post-production, with HanWay now coming onboard to rep the film at Cannes to international buyers.

The short story goes… On November 25, 2010, the Special Ops Battalion (BOPE) together with the Brazilian Navy, invaded the Vila Cruzeiro favela, in Rio de Janeiro, to flush out drug barons.

The operation, which was part of the 2010 Rio de Janeiro Security Crisis, was the State responding to drug traffickers setting buses and other vehicles on fire using combustible fuels. These attacks occurred in various neighborhoods throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro. The coordinated gang attacks were in retaliation for the government setting up police units within various favelas around Rio, which led to the expulsion of assorted armed drug traffickers, who fled to other favelas.

Rio’s Public Security Chief, José Mariano Beltrame, backed by Rio’s Governor, sent an ultimatum to the criminals in hidding in the targeted favelas, to either surrender and put down their weapons, or face an invasion, which would likely end in violence and fatalities. The criminals refused to surrender and radioed threats to the military. Two days later, 3000 men invaded the Complexo do Alemão with rifles, battle tanks, and armored cars. Despite the criminals’ threats, the military force met with little resistance and took over the area within a few hours. After the invasion, an initial search was conducted, and tons of drugs (cocaine and marijuana) were found, as well as weapons, stolen cars, and motorcycles.

The film that is based on this real-life event it titled Rio Siege, and will chart the story of five policemen who are caught deep undercover when the Brazilian military storm favela Alemao to flush out drug barons.

Jose Eduardo Belmonte directs a cast that includes Antonio Fagundes, Caua Reymond, Caio Blat, Gabriel Braga Nunes and Otavio Muller, says ScreenDaily.

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