Casting Call: Atlanta-Based Docu-Fiction Project In Search Of African Female Lead
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Casting Call: Atlanta-Based Docu-Fiction Project In Search Of African Female Lead

nullFilmmaker Sam Kessie (London-born, Ghana-raised & now Atlanta-based

filmmaker) whose past work has been featured on this site (the documentary on former Ghanaian

world-championship boxer, Azumah Nelson, titled Zoom Zoom – The Professor, notably), is casting for her next project, which I think you’ll find quite interesting, as I did, based on the logline alone.

Everything you need to know follows below…

Short Docu-fiction project.


When a grief stricken freethinking ex-Corporal in an African army is unable to accept the murder of her daughter, she tracks down the killer who’d fled abroad and uses a reality show to document her reasons to justify the retribution she will unleash on him.


Sex/Age: – Female, looks early to late 30’s; fit and in shape.

Flaw: An emotionally distant well-intentioned extremist. (She uses humor/ wit to deflect emotional connection when dealing with hard subjects or answers a question with a question)

Dominant Attitude: Subtly confrontational and stubbornly proud.


Maxine is an unconventional black African beauty that prefers to be accepted for her merit and abilities rather than her looks. She embraces her femininity in an unconventional manner, as she does not believe women should allow themselves to be or feel vulnerable but always be a pillar of strength. She hides behind her wit and controversial dry humor and is also a master of changing the subject (She is really funny but in a dark kind of way). She has a slight African regional accent that laces her recently acquired American twang. Her answers are always thought through but she is quick with her comebacks. She does not use street slang because she was taught the “queen’s English” but occasionally curses.  She is a single mother with 12 yr old daughter, MEL and yet is also maternally challenged and an unconventional mother to her. Mel really the mature one in their relationship.

Interested actors should email me their headshots and demo reels to for more information or questions on the project and casting.

Please have a subject line. Should read ATTN: MAX-Routing Cooking Show

Production (3 Day shoot) will take place in Atlanta, GA Spring 2013

There will be a small-deferred payment offer for the role as well as imdb credit, food and a copy of the film.

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