A definitive ranking of the Top 8 characters on 'Power' that we've despised
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A definitive ranking of the Top 8 characters on 'Power' that we've despised

The fourth season of Starz’s Power comes to a close this Sunday, and everything that has happened up until this point will lead to what will surely be an explosive conclusion. With the death of his eldest daughter, Raina (Donshea Hopkins)  — Ghost (Omari Hardwick) will certainly be embarking on a vicious path for revenge, unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. This season much of our collective frustration has been geared toward Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) the St. Patrick’s insolent teenage son, whose anger and desire to play gangsta helped lead to his twin sister’s death. Power doesn’t have any shortage of villains, and throughout the seasons there have been plenty of characters who’ve earned our disdain. Ahead of the season finale, peep the top 8 characters we’ve despised on Power.

8. Simon Stern


There is nothing worse than a greedy, entitled white man, and Simon Stern (Victor Garber) embodies that definition perfectly. In earlier seasons of Power, Stern was simply Ghost’s potential business partner. Unfortunately, Stern thought his whiteness and pedigree made him smarter than Ghost (we’ll also never forget the fact that his raggedy friend touched Tasha’s hair). At one point he even snatched Ghost’s club Truth away from him.  Ghost isn’t to be underestimated and in retaliation the drug dealer/club owner got Stern’s ex-wife to bleed him dry and turnover two of Stern’s other clubs to him along with Truth. Now, seasons later, Stern has popped up again to seek his revenge, trying once more to put Ghost on a leash with a new real estate venture. Again he’s learning the hard way that Ghost isn’t anybody’s “yes boy.” Hopefully, Stern will go somewhere and retire; we’re all tired of him hovering about like the grim reaper.

7. Mike Sandoval


When you think about Mike’s (David Fumero) story overall, you have to admit he was a G. Still, this past season he was annoying AF. When we first met Mike during season two, he came to New York City to head up the Lobos task force. He seemed decent enough at first but then we discovered that Mike was a double-agent working for Lobos—  the hilarious drug distributor who was being hunted by the Feds. Despite Mike’s slippery demeanor, Assistant District Attorney Greg Knox (Andy Bean) discovered that Mike was the mole. Before he could do anything about it, Mike murdered Greg (this didn’t bother anyone because Greg was trash). During this season though, Mike ended up on our sh*t list because he framed Ghost for Greg’s murder which led to Ghost’s incarceration and Raina’s death. Like most criminals on Power, Mike’s time ran out, and though he wasn’t the worst villain to ever grace our television screens, his demise needed to happen.

6. Greg Knox


Poor pathetic Greg was actually one of the most annoying characters to appear on television ever. When we were first introduced to him during the freshman season of Power, he was Angela’s coworker and beau. After getting shoved aside for Ghost, butt hurt Greg begins stalking Angela and her new bae desperately trying to prove the Ghost and his friend Tommy (Joseph Sikora) were criminal drug dealers working for Lobos (they were, but….Greg could have minded his business). Despite his obsession with Angela and his jealousy, Greg did try to do his job, but he was irritating AF. When he discovered that Mike Sandoval was the mole working for Lobos, he confronted his boss. Mike snuffed him out like the gnat he was and pinned Greg’s death on Ghost. Greg didn’t have to die… but we weren’t exactly devastated to see him go. He also smothered Anglea half to death. Good riddance.

5. Kanan Starks


Where do you even start when you think about a man who murdered his own child in cold blood? Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) is a monster even though he did redeem himself just a tad this season when he saved Tariq’s life. Back in the day, Ghost, Tommy and Kanan ran the streets together. Kanan actually taught the other men everything they know about the drug game, but Ghost and Tasha got him locked up so that Ghost could take the reigns of the drug organization himself. Since his release, Kanan has been trying to get his revenge and reclaim Ghost and Tommy’s turf, There has been a bloody battle, fire, kidnapping, deaths and much more and yet, even after turning Ghost’s son against him, Kanan still lives to see another day. Perhaps the devil cannot die.

4. Holly Weaver


When Tommy first spotted Holly (Lucy Walters) working at Truth, we all knew nothing good would come of it. Two emotionally unstable people with a drug habit were never going to work out well. Holly was also bold and ridiculous. She initially ended up on our sh*t list for stealing a pair of earrings out of Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) closet. She was also desperate to have the status and favor that Tasha had with Tommy and Ghost even though she was new on the scene. Though she loved Tommy, she failed to realize that his vicious temper made him a liability to the drug game. She also never knew when to STFU and wait her turn. Putting a hit out on Ghost ultimately lead to her demise. It was kind of tragic to see Tommy murder the only woman he ever loved, especially since she was carrying his child but mostly we weren’t sad to see the wild redhead go. She was awful 99 percent of the time, and we were tired of watching Tommy suffer through her inedible meals. She should have stayed gone with Ghost ran her off the first time.

3. Angela Valdes


There has never been a more indignant and self-righteous character than AUSA Angela Valdes (Lela Loren). Everything went left for Ghost as soon as his first love Angie re-entered his life during the pilot episode of Power. Not knowing that Ghost was married with kids, Angela was initially blindsided. But, after learning the truth about him (even the fact that he was (is?) a notorious drug dealer), she decided to stick it out with the love of her life. That it is until he unceremoniously dumped her last season. Heartbroken and on the warpath, especially since she jeopardized her career for him, Angela marked Ghost as Greg’s killer and got him arrested and jailed. She even had the nerve to serve the warrant at his house with his wife and kids present. UGH. Though she’s vindicated herself (kind of), her outlandish behavior, especially when it comes to never wanting to own up to her own actions has pretty much made her intolerable. Now that’s she’s the Head of Criminal, we’re certain that her holier than thou behavior isn’t going away anytime soon. *insert eye roll* Did y’all see Mak’s (Sung Kang) face last episode when she called herself a whistleblower?! He was outdone.

2. Tariq St. Patrick


When we consider all of the terrible things Tariq has done, it’s a bit difficult for us to open our hearts to him and recognize that he is simply a lost child with way too much freedom and a criminal mastermind for a daddy. Up until this season, Tariq has been your average teen boy. Living a cushy privileged life, he’s wanted for nothing and pretty much minded his own business and kept to himself. That is until Kanan weaseled his way into Riq’s life and the boy slowly discovered who his father really is. Angry and betrayed after losing Shawn (Sinqua Walls) who was a big brother to him, and even more so after Ghost gets arrested, Riq began to act a complete fool. From stealing to disrespecting his mama and getting addicted to lean, Tariq’s behavior has spiraled rapidly from bad to worse. Just when we thought he might begin to redeem himself, his actions lead to his twin sister’s death. Riq might be one of the youngest villains on TV, but he wouldn’t be that way if it weren’t for the so-called adults around him. That still doesn’t completely excuse his behavior though. Honestly, though we can only see him getting worse from here.

1. Dre Coleman


Remember when Dre (Rotimi) was just a dope boy who desperately looked up to Ghost and wanted to go legit for the sake of his daughter? Remember when he was eager to learn and grow and become a better person with a better life? We should never have trusted his conniving a** because out of everyone he is perhaps the most sinister character on Power right now. Plotting and scheming, Dre has managed to dodge both Kanan and Tommy. However, now that Raina has been killed it’s all going to come back on him. We’ll also never get over him getting Julio (J.R. Ramirez) killed all because he wanted a job he hadn’t even earned yet. Dre might want to be Baby Ghost, but he doesn’t have that innate ruthlessness and disregard for human life in him. When he pays oh so dearly for all that he’s done, we shall smile upon the TV with glee.

Power airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz

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