Check Out The Soccer Films Line-Up At Tribeca's Kicking & Screening Film Festival (April 8-11)
Photo Credit: S & A

Check Out The Soccer Films Line-Up At Tribeca's Kicking & Screening Film Festival (April 8-11)


Ahead for the 2014 World Cup, which begins in just over two months – on June 12th to be exact – with an opening match between Brazil and Croatia, Tribeca is hosting the 6th annual Kicking and Screening Film Festival, which welcomed fest goers yesterday April 8, and runs until this Friday, April 11. 

This year’s festival features 11 films – screened over the four themed nights (Identity, Coaches, Inspiration and Brazil, respectively) – from 7 countries: Brazil, Sweden, USA, Germany, Italy, India, and Belgium. 

We’ve identified several documentary and narrative films that may be of interest. The following will begin tonight (for tickets, visit the festival’s website HERE):

We Must Go (USA) – Screening Wednesday, April 9 at 7:30pm et. 

Directed by Dave LaMattina and Chad Walker, the 28 minute documentary chronicles the journey of the Egyptian National Soccer team, named the Pharaohs, and its American coach Bob Bradley, as they struggle to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The team, which hasn’t reached the a World cup in 24 years, and their American coach “can unite a bitterly divided nation.” 

In the preview below, the major characters are introduced and the Pharaohs fight for their first two World Cup qualifiers. 

Scouting for Zebras (Belgium) – Screening Thursday, April 10  at 7:30pm et


Directed by Benoit Mariage, this feature film, described as a dark comedy but “emotionally uplifting dramedy” follows Jose (Belgian star Benoit Poelvoorde), a “down-on-his-luck” football agent who recruits talented soccer players in the Ivory Coast. While there, Jose discovers Yaya, played by Marc Zinga, who’s taken by his recruiter to Belgium to, hopefully, become a champion. However, several unprecedented events take place and nothing goes as planned.

According to the synopsis, Scouting for Zebras “will make you cringe, cry, and, when the few slivers of humanity slip through, smile.” 

Rise as One: Match for Peace (USA) – Screening Friday, April 11 at 7:30pm et

As part of the FOX Sport network documentary series, the 22 minute film Match for Peace, directed by Scott Boggins and Gabriel Spitzer and starring soccer stars Ronaldo and Gilberto Silva, chronicles how an exhibition match between Brazil and war torn Haiti, both World Cup champions, helped uplift the spirits of Haiti during “one of its darkest hours.”

Geronimo’s Promise (Brazil) Screening Friday, April 11 after Rise as One: Match for Peace screening


Directed by Luis Menegaz, the 28 minute short film stars Adriano Saboya, Nill Marcondes and Carlos H. Garcia. Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014, the film follows best friends Bruno and Leandro, who scored tickets to the final soccer World Cup between Brazil and Argentina. 

The only problem is that their car breaks down on the way to the stadium, and while the friends settle to listen to the game on the car’s stereo, an Argentine on a scooter appears with a big teddy bear. “Can they reach the match before the final whistle?”