Chicago Preview of L.A. Rebellion Film Series Coming In March
Photo Credit: S & A

Chicago Preview of L.A. Rebellion Film Series Coming In March

nullAnyone who's a regular reader of S & A will know that we have been extentively covering the L.A. Rebellion black film series that was shown at UCLA last year; a touring package of several films from the series is currently traveling across the U.S. (Read about it HERE).

The series from the 1970's and 1980's features narrative and experimental films by filmmakers such as Julie Dash, Ben Caldwell, Halie Gerima, Jamma Fanaka, Charles Burnett and Babara McCullough (whose experimental film Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification is pictured above) had a "radical impact on black cinematic practice and alternative filmmaking in the U.S.," and it was filmmakers such as them who paved the way for so many black filmmakers who came later.

The traveling series has already played in Philadelphia and Toronto, and is now curently playing at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York throughout the month of February (HERE). But the next stop is scheduled to be in Chicago sometime in April and May (the exact dates will be announced soon), where the series will play at the newly opened University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts, located on the university campus.

But before the Chicago screenings, there will be a preview of sorts at the Gene Siskel Film Center in dowtown Chicago,on Thursday March 28 starting at 6PM, when a series of short films directed by Dash, McCullough, Caldwell and others will be shown in a special program.

Northwestern University professor and film scholar Jacqueline Stewart, who also was one of the programmers for the L.A. Rebellion series, will be present to introduce the films and to lead an audience discussion after the program.