Christina Elmore On Her 'Twenties,' Condola And The End Of 'Insecure'
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Christina Elmore On Her 'Twenties,' Condola And The End Of 'Insecure'

They say our 20s are our best years. Some may even argue there are perks to being in your 20s, but when it comes to balancing school, relationships, friendships and adulting…it can feel more like a burden. When you look back on your 20s what are some things you miss? Would change? Keep the same?

Hattie, Marie and Nina know these feelings all too well as we continue to watch the three best friends evolve as each of their personal lives changes.

BET’s Twenties season two returned right where it left off. We spoke with Twenties actress Christina Elmore on the years of her 20s and the final season of HBO’s hit show, Insecure.

Elmore dishes what songs bring her back to the sweet memories of her twenties, what she has learned through her character Marie, and the ending of Condola and Insecure.

On the relationship dynamic of Marie and Chuck on this season of the show and what she’d say to viewers also dealing with toxic relationships, she explained, “While it is toxic in this moment, I think it had a lot of value for both of them for a long time. And so it’s hard to sort of address the fact that, ‘Oh, this is bad right now,’ when you’re trying to still hold onto what you thought was good. So my advice to anyone would be [to] sort of assess where you are now. Are you just imagining all this past that you had and trying to make that happen again…or are you really in a tough spot and this person has changed and you’re changed…and maybe it’s over, even though you had so much good? Maybe it’ll come back, but it often won’t.”

But if you’ve already tied the knot…then maybe work it out a bit.

“Now, if you’re married, now, go to counseling [laughs],” she added. “Y’all made vows. Try to stick it out. But if you’re not, it’s okay for those kind[s] of relationships to end too, especially if they’re toxic and not serving you and hurting you in any way.”

To find out more about Elmore’s life in her twenties watch the full interview below:

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