Clint Eastwood Says Beyonce Is The Next Ella Fitzgerald
Photo Credit: S & A

Clint Eastwood Says Beyonce Is The Next Ella Fitzgerald


All right stop laughing. It's not polite. But in an interview yesterday for a French publication, Clint Eastwood talked about his plans for his upcoming remake (the fifth one to date) of A Star is Born with Beyonce.

In the interview, Eastwood, who's been writing and performing jazz music for years, said he would be writing new material for the film for Beyonce to "introduce her to the fundamentals of jazz music".

He goes even farther.

According to him, Bey Bey asked "if she could write stuff for the movie, I said yes, great. But I also told her I would make one or two things very classical. Still classicism. But I don’t want Beyonce to be too classic! She has a superb voice. She could become a new Sarah Vaughan or the next Ella Fitzgerald. She has the same class. I don't know if she knows their music, but I intend to do a good education for the movie!"


I'll leave it to you for any comments you might have, but Bey Bey and Fitzgerald in the same class? Nope. I sure don't see it

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