Confirmed! Jamie Foxx Is Tarantino's "Django" And Kerry Washington In The Mix For "Broomhilda"
Photo Credit: S & A

Confirmed! Jamie Foxx Is Tarantino's "Django" And Kerry Washington In The Mix For "Broomhilda"

Well… confirming what we reported earlier this morning, the news is now mainstream, as Variety just reported that Quentin Tarantino has indeed chosen Jamie Foxx to star in his much talked about slave/revenge project, Django Unchained.

I already shared my thoughts on the matter. I think Jamie is a better choice than any of the previous candidates; but I’ll qualify that by adding that my opinion is based on the script I read. As some of you have already pointed out, what currently resides on the pages on the screenplay isn’t necessarily what the finished film will look and feel like. So, all I can really do from here on is wait and see when the film is released in late 2012.

In addition to the Django, there’s his woman, Broomhilda, who is captured, tortured and raped by her white slave masters, and who Django spends much of the script trying to find, after they are separated early in the story, via slave auction. So, who’s up for that role? Not the actress that immediately came to mind after I read the script. Variety says that Kerry Washington has met with Tarantino for the part; though, she’s reportedly one of a few actresses in the mix.

If she’s cast in the film, it’ll be a reunion of sorts for Foxx and Washington, who starred in Ray together.

As we already know, Leonardo DiCaprio is on as the sadistic slavemaster Calvin Candie, Christoph Waltz will play Django’s friend and mentor, and Samuel L. Jackson is also expected to play Stephen, Candie’s house nigger right-hand man.

I should also add that, in addition to Will Smith and Idris Elba, Variety says that Tarantino also considered Terrence Howard and Chris Tucker for the part of Django, before offering it to Foxx. As you can see, that’s quite a diverse group of actors there, who play a variety of “types.” It’s a wonder how they’re all up for the exact same role, isn’t? At least to me.