Crowdfund This: 'BlaxploItalian' - New Doc Chronicling the History of Black Actors in Italian Cinema
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Crowdfund This: 'BlaxploItalian' - New Doc Chronicling the History of Black Actors in Italian Cinema


Since the

very beginning of cinema in the late 1890’s, black people have played a prominent

role worldwide, that hasn’t been fully explored and documented.

And this makes Italian-Ghanaian indie filmmaker, Fred ‘Kudjo’ Kuwornu’s new documentary project, which he

titles "BlaxploItalian," so fascinating.

Born and

raised in Bologna, Italy, but now based in Brooklyn, Kuwornu says his upcoming film will highlight the neglected and untold contributions of

black actors in Italian cinema.

In his film

he intends to chronicle the story of actors (and other talents) of African descent who,

since the early 1900’s, worked in, and created opportunities for others in

Italian film, which began with the first Black man to appear uncredited in

the 1913 Italian film “Zuma the Gypsy.”

The film

will, as Kuwornu shares, will "recount the contributions of African

American actors who resided in Italy for many years, such as Fred “The Hammer”

Williamson Calvin Lockhart, John Kitzmiller , Dots M. Johnson, and Harold

Bradley as well as the contributions of Afro-Italian actors such as: Zeudi

Araya, Livio Beshir, Ines Pellegrini, Iris Peynado, Fiona May, Denny Mendez, Bobby

Rhodes, Salvatore Marino, Jonis Bascir, Germano Gentile, Letizia Sedrick and

many others."

He also added that: “In fact, there are

hundreds of actors who performed in Italian neorealism films, ‘sword and

sandal” films, comedies of the 1960s, cop dramas of the 1970s, as well as the

softcore sexploitation films, who left a mark on the collective memory of the

Italian people. But with their passing over to only the small screen they are

left practically unrecognized by the Italian (and worldwide) mainstream media."

But the

filmmaker also sees his film as a “call

to action” for worldwide

audiences to engage the mainstream media, and bring about serious change in many

countries where multiculturalism, or ethnic and racial diversity, is

underrepresented within both the film and television industries.

Kuwornu has already

shot a considerable amount of footage for the film, and now needs your help in finishing it, via an Indiegogo fundraising

campaign he’s launched that will ensure the film’s completion (finish principal photography and post-production), and do so in time to submit it to the

Sundance Film Festival next year, followed by eventual theatrical distribution.

His goal is to raise $75,000 by November 4. 

No doubt, a

truly unique project that deserves your attention.

To make a contribution to the "BlaxploItalian" Indiegogo campaign (and find out more about the project) go HERE (or click within the widget below).

You can also *like* the film’s Facebook page HERE.

Here’s the video pitch:

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