Crowdfund This: Filmmaker Katina Parker’s Documentation Project of Ferguson
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Crowdfund This: Filmmaker Katina Parker’s Documentation Project of Ferguson

nullAt this moment, is there any town in the world more infamous than Ferguson, Missouri?

Since the August 9th murder of Mike Brown, Ferguson has become the focal point of racial equality and justice in the United States, with thousands of activists and concerned citizens descending upon the city to march, to organize, and to stand in solidarity with area activists who are pushing back against racist state-sanctioned violence.

The Ferguson rebellion, which has been on-going for more than 110 days, is second only to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lasted 381 days, when it comes to sustained acts of civil disobedience targeting unjust treatment of Black people. 

With plans to continue shutting down highways, mass transit and city government, and to continue disrupting commerce until the systemic devaluation of Black life through over-policing and other racist policies is changed, Ferguson-area activists say that they are just getting started.

Since late August, filmmaker and photographer Katina Parker, has been on the ground in the St. Louis area, “creating and promoting narratives that center the needs and concerns of protesters, who have routinely been defamed in the media by police and elected officials.”

As a result, she has created an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to support Spotlight on Ferguson, the project through which she conducts ongoing documentation and organizing work.  

All money raised covers travel back and forth between Missouri and Katina’s home state of North Carolina, equipment rental, and incidentals. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Organization for Black Struggle, which has been fighting racism in the St.Louis area for more than four decades.

As of a few days ago, Parker surpassed her funding goal, but more money is still needed to support her next 2 trips to St. Louis. The protesters’ lives and reputations depend on the presence of independent media  makers like Parker to refute false claims that are made by police each time they retaliate with excessive force by tear gassing, beating, and targeting specific protesters.

People are encouraged to donate because they believe this work is necessary – and because they want to “change the culture of policing, eradicate it altogether, and/or empower poor people and people of color to govern the safety of their own communities.”

To go to the project’s Indiegogo page go HERE

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