Crowdfund This: Indiegogo Campaign for Afrofuturist Sci-Fi Feature, 'Bar Star City'
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Crowdfund This: Indiegogo Campaign for Afrofuturist Sci-Fi Feature, 'Bar Star City'


Womack has definitely established a name for herself over the past few years, as a leading proponent and advocate of the concept of Afrofuturism, with her acclaimed, best-selling

book, “Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi & Fantasy Culture,” as well

as her latest sci-fi book, “Rayla 2212”.

And she will be one of the Guests of Honor at the 23rd annual Diversicon in Minneapolis, later this month, which is an annual sci-fi convention created to further "social

opportunities and to encourage the multicultural, multimedia exploration and

celebration of SF by those within and outside of the traditional SF community".

But she is

also a filmmaker, producing previous romantic comedies, "The Engagement" and "Love Shorts," and was also as the co-producer of the documentary "Tupac Shakur: Before

I Wake." 

Now Ms.

Womack is at work on her latest feature film, "Bar Star City," which, not surprisingly, will be, as she calls it, “a sci-fi film with

Afrofuturist themes," adding that it will look at "love, deception, memory and

alienation among a group of bar regulars who just want a place to call home”.


as co-producer Tiffany Tapley calls it: “Think ‘Cheers’ meets Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot


"I’m making this film because Afrofuturism is a

part of life. I think it’s fun to explore the sci-fi-isms and surreal nature of

daily and future life. This film bridges time, memory and love. I’ve found that

those are strong touch points for people. I want ‘Bar Star City’ to bridge the art, otherworldly, the here and now, and the laughably ironic, in a visual explosion that splashes all over your

glowing screen," Womack adds.

‘Bar Star

City’ is currently in pre-production and will start shooting in the next couple

of weeks, on location on the Southside of Chicago.


filmmakers have laucnhed an Indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000 that will go

towards extra days of shooting, editing, sound, and marketing.

If you’re into

sci-fi, Afrofuturism, or if the project sounds just like something you can really

get into, they sure would appreciate your contributions. Go HERE to check out

the Indiegogo page for ‘Bar Star City.’

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