Crowdfund This: 'Looking for Love' - Menelik Shabazz's New Documentary on Black Love & Relationships
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Crowdfund This: 'Looking for Love' - Menelik Shabazz's New Documentary on Black Love & Relationships

nullMenelik Shabazz can legitimately claim that he

has "been at the forefront of Contemporary

British Cinema for over 30 years."

Filmmaker ("The

Story of Lovers Rock," "Burning an Illusion"), producer, magazine publisher (Black

Filmmakers Magazine), educator and film festival organizer Shabazz has been on the

cutting edge of not just black cinema, but of world cinema, for decades.

And now, with

his latest film in progress, he takes an unexpected turn and looks at the

subject of black love and relationships; and guess what? It’s not just African American

men and women who are bemoaning the

state of black relationships today.

It’s a worldwide

problem, no matter where you live. Is it a cultural thing or is it the

nature of society nowadays? What forces, societal, historical and cultural have

brought things to such a sorry state? How

did we get this way, and how can we make things better?

Those, and

other questions, are at the heart of his new documentary, "Looking for Love," which

is now in post-production.

Shabazz has turned to Indiegogo to raise

about £19,000 (about $28,000) to help him complete his film for theatrical release

next year.

He feels

that it’s important to get the film made and released, since he believes that it

will be part of “a movement, a social

shift that is transforming, empowering and healing communities.” And we

need that today, more-so than ever.

Go to the

film’s Indiegogo page go HERE.

Watch a promo/pitch video below:

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