Cynthia Addai-Robinson Will Play Amanda Waller In CW's 'Arrow' + A Little History...
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Cynthia Addai-Robinson Will Play Amanda Waller In CW's 'Arrow' + A Little History...

nullCynthia Addai-Robinson has been cast to play Amanda Waller, the A.R.G.U.S. agent in charge of the Suicide Squad in the CW drama Arrow’s second season. 

Arrow is based on the chronicles of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow.

Waller will first appear in the 6th episode of the series’ upcoming second season.

She will apparently be a younger and slimmer version of the Waller character from the comics. You might remember that, Angela Bassett played Waller in the,Green Lantern movie that starred Ryan Reynolds.

For those unfamiliar with the DC comics universe, here’s what I dug up… Nicknamed “The Wall,” she is a former congressional aide and government agent often placed in charge of the aforementioned Suicide Squad, a semi-secret government-run group of former super-villains working in return for amnesty. She also was the former leader (code rank: White Queen) of the covert-ops organization, Checkmate. She later served as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor.

Some of her abilities include being highly trained in logistics, strategic management, military tactics, game theory, and espionage.

On the small screen, Pam Grier played her in Smallville – the once-popular super hero TV series based on Superman, on the CW network.

Also worth noting, in the straight-to-dvd animated adaptation of the comic book,Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesCCH Pounder voiced the role of Amanda Waller. In this version, Waller is depicted as a more sympathetic character, though visually more obese than previously seen.

In 2009, Amanda Waller was ranked as IGN’s 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time, for whatever that’s worth!

I believe it was years ago when DC Comics relaunched/revamped a series of titles, including the Suicide Squad, which fanboys/girls protested because of one very significant change from before the series was revamped/relaunched – and that change was in the Amanda Waller character.

Words like “Fail” and “Radical” were been used to described Waller’s makeover from, shall we say full-bodied, rotund, and not particularly *hot,* to a younger, rather svelte, although curvy and busty version. The argument there was that, in the past, fans felt it was great that a *normal* looking character appeared in a superhero Comic book; but, post-relaunch of the series, DC Comics caved into youthful expectations and, and made the character blend in with the rest of the hard-bodied, slim-waisted, voluptuous, if unrealistic-looking hotties that rule comic book pages… in a nutshell.

So, with Addai-Robinson (who also appeared in Spartacus, the TV series) being close to the latter than the former, what are fans saying now?

Addai-Robinson’s credits also include roles on the big and small screen: Colombiana, The Vampire Diaries and FlashForward

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