D.Channsin Berry ('Dark Girls') Will Continue To Inspire Discussion w/ 2 New Topical Docs (Details)
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D.Channsin Berry ('Dark Girls') Will Continue To Inspire Discussion w/ 2 New Topical Docs (Details)


D. Channsin Berry, director/producer (along with Bill Duke) of the much-discussed documentary Dark Girls, has provided details on 2 upcoming documentaries he’s currently developing.

First, The Black Line… Profile Of The African American Woman… Part 3, said to be the third installment of Berry’s series on the condition, mindset, and voice of the modern African American, focusing especially on women (as Dark Girls does), which Berry says will discuss sensitive topics like cancer, sexuality, hue bias, urban violence, and hope for a better future. 

This particular film is done in a more relaxed, mature manner. Groups of women giving one another validation and acceptance in various situations has a powerful vibration, and that higher vibration is a balm for healing,” says Berry.

And the second film in production, which I’m sure will be just as discussed and debated as Dark Girls was (based on its title alone), is The Church House… Sexuality And The Black Church.  

Need I say more?

Berry’s motivation for making the film: he got “tired of friends and family and others being disappointed with the church… No one wants to talk about SEX, and the debacle involving Eddie Long was the tipping point on the subject for me. This is not a witch hunt, but it is a progressive history lesson of the Black Church in America.

It’s a subject matter that’s been at the center of a few scripted, fiction films we’ve covered on this site recently, like Ya’Ke Smith’s Wolf, notably.

Clearly Channsin Berry isn’t shying away from what would probably be deemed *controversial* material (starting with Dark Girls) – or as others would call it, *the truth.*

Look for both films, currently in production, in 2014, and all the conversation I’m sure each will inspire.

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