Darryl Roberts' 'America The Beautiful 3' Scheduled For Release Later This Year (The Last Of The True Independents)
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Darryl Roberts' 'America The Beautiful 3' Scheduled For Release Later This Year (The Last Of The True Independents)


I’ve written about L.A. and Chicago based filmmaker Darryl

Roberts on S & A  a few times before.

 And in case you haven’t heard of his 2007

documentary America The Beautiful, it just happens to be one of the most

financially successful, self-distributed documentaries in recent years.

In that film, Roberts chronicled the sudden rise and steep

fall of Garren Taylor, who was, back then, a 12 year old professional model in N.Y. and LA featured on magazine, runways and even Oprah’s old TV show. However

she suffered a near mental breakdown and major self-esteem issues, when, at age

14, her career came to a sudden halt. All of which was captured by Roberts’ unblinking camera.

However, the film also expands into dealing with

America’s morbid fascination with youth and beauty, and how the beauty industry

makes billions manipulating women (and men as well) into feeling insecure about


Basically distributing the film himself through

screenings at film festivals, movie theaters, universities and social organizations,

as well as on DVD, VOD and cable and very effectively using social media to get

the word out about the film and future screenings, the film was a phenomenal hit, making millions,

and making Roberts very wealthy.

Though you’ve never read about him in The Hollywood Reporter

or Nikki Finke, we’re talking true, underground independent filmmaking and

being very successful at it.

He followed up that film with his 2011 sequel, America the

Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments, in which he continued exploring America’s’ lethal

obsession with diets and beauty and using the same distribution methods and social media network.

The result was also just as successful as the first film, making even more

millions and making Roberts even wealthier.

And now the third and final installment called,

America the Beautiful 3 is, according to Roberts, almost complete.

This time however, he turns his sights on this America’s ugly

sexualization of young girls by the media and society, and Roberts promises that,

not surprisingly, a lot of people are going to be pretty outraged by what he reveals

in the film.

According to him, there’s some minor shooting he plans to

do this spring, but the film will definitely be ready by this

fall. He’s already in talks to premiere AIB 3 at the Chicago

International Film Festival this fall, and it’s scheduled be released nationally in

theaters two weeks later.

However one major development, because of the success of

the first two films, is that Roberts has been able to make a deal for overseas distribution

for AIB 3 and, already, the film is scheduled to open in Israel in Dec 2013 and

in Scandinavia March 2014.

Further overseas distribution deals are sure to follow


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