David E. Talbert's "A Fool And His Money" Coming Out on DVD
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David E. Talbert's "A Fool And His Money" Coming Out on DVD


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I always wonder if David E. Talbert is always kicking himself for letting Tyler Perry beat him to the punch.

Now, keep in mind that I have NO proof of this. It's just pure speculation; but if I were Talbert i would be.

What I mean is that Talbert was in the game long before Perry, being very successful and becoming very rich with his "urban" theater plays tours aimed at black audiences across the country.

But Perry got to the movies and TV first before Talbert, who, so far, has just one feature film to his credit – First Sunday – which I thought was a pretty decent, well made film that actually looked like a film, and not an overlit sit-com.

I talked to Talbert about his film back when it was released, and he explained to me how the cinematography and the "look" of the film were very important to him. He wanted his film to look like a drama, though it was a comedy, because he greatly admired the films of John Landis, who also lit his comedy films not overly-bright, but with a dark and grainy look.

And although he currently has a new film in pre-production (Baggage Claim) with Paula Patton, Talbert hasn't forgotten where he started, and will release his latest play, A Fool and His Money, through Image Entertainment, on DVD and digital download, on June 5th. It's another one those taped plays for DVD.

And two days before that, on June 3rd, it will be broadcast on BET.

Michael Beach plays "the head of down-on-their-luck family wins a radio contest for a million dollars.  Not surprisingly, it becomes very evident that everybody wants a piece of the family’s new found fortune, including a dubiously intentioned long lost uncle. Each character comes to vivid and hysterical life as their dreams and ambitions become viable with this recent windfall."

Of course you know exactly where the story is going, but that in a way is the beauty of it. No surprises. Nothing that will throw you for a loop.

Here's the trailer:

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