Dennis Haysbert, Ernie Hudson, Bill Duke Shooting Werewolf Outbreak Feature Thriller In NYC
Photo Credit: S & A

Dennis Haysbert, Ernie Hudson, Bill Duke Shooting Werewolf Outbreak Feature Thriller In NYC

Dennis Haysbert in "24"

Earlier this week, actor Dennis Haysbert posted the following message to his Twitter page:

Filming a new movie in Buffalo NY

That's all he said. No title, no description, no nothing. The only project listed on his IMDB page that isn't yet complete and seems primed to move forward, is a drama called Omaha Street, which we told you about in July, with Nichelle Nichols co-starring. But I didn't think that was the project he didn't mention in his tweet on October 1.

Skip ahead a few days later, and a few more tweets from Mr Haysbert, as well as some researching on my part, and I learned that the project he refers to in that tweet is a thriller called Ward's Island, which centers on an outbreak of werewolves in New York City.

That's all the info I could find about its plot. There isn't even an IMDB page for the project.

I can also add that, in addition to Dennis Haysbert, Ward's Island also stars Ernie Hudson, Craig Scheffer, Bill Duke and Ariana Richards.

Alexander Yellen is its director. There are 2 Alexander Yellens listed on IMDB; one has virtually no projects listed; the other is a cinematography primarily. Maybe this Yellen is the latter, and he's a DP making his directorial debut.

The film is currently shooting in Buffalo, which is standing in for New York City, where the real Ward Island is located.

I've sent out emails hoping to get more information on this project, so hopefully I'll get a response or two that sheds more light on the production.

But a werewolf outbreak in New York City, with Dennis Haysbert, Ernie Hudson and Bill Duke, all in it? Say no more.

Luckily, I did find the below fan-shot on-set footage of a car crash scene being filmed for the movie. Watch it below:

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