Despite Popular Belief, Tyler Perry Says Crossing Over Into The Mainstream Isn't A Motivation
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Despite Popular Belief, Tyler Perry Says Crossing Over Into The Mainstream Isn't A Motivation


Not to pile on with Tyler Perry posts here but I thought this quote from him needed to be shared.

With some of his recent film choices, the thought among many of us has been that he's trying to broaden his brand, expand his reach and crossover to reach a wider audience, and that it was all very intentional and calculated on his part.

But Tyler Perry says that's not the case. I don't think I've heard him talk about this before, but maybe because no one's ever asked him the question directly.

Here's a piece from a longer interview he did with Movieline which speaks to this:

MOVIELINE: I feel like that taps into a larger discussion of your films, even, and the idea that you’re working within a very specific niche. But looking to what you have coming up next, you’re starring in Alex Cross, an action thriller adapted from James Patterson’s novel. Did you see this as an opportunity to cross over from your established niche into a wider mainstream audience?

TYLER PERRY: No, I never do things to think about crossing over. The thing that appealed to me was that I always liked James Patterson’s books and I liked the franchise and the character itself. When it came to me out of all of the things that I’m offered — I’m offered quite a bit — that was the most intriguing. I thought, “Wow – this is a character that I like,” and I wanted to do it. That’s what that’s about.

So we can infer from his reponse that crossing over isn't a motivation, but how appealing/intriguing the character he's asked to play is – emphasis on that first sentence: "No, I never do things to think about crossing over."

What also thought was interested is that he's offered "quite a bit" as he states. I point that out as well because, first, I'm curious to know what he's been offered and turned down, and also, in past situations, the general consensus seemed to be that he "took over" existing projects; but maybe he was actually offered them, and they were intriguing enough to him, and so he jumped on those opportunities.


Read the full Movieline interview HERE.

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