'Desus & Mero' Emmy FYC Campaign Hilariously Promises To Reduce Voters' White Guilt If Nominated
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'Desus & Mero' Emmy FYC Campaign Hilariously Promises To Reduce Voters' White Guilt If Nominated

How is Desus Nice and The Kid Mero planning on convincing Emmy voters to consider the last season of their Viceland show Desus & Mero? By playing on their white guilt.

According to Deadline, Vice’s Desus & Mero‘s For Your Consideration campaign includes a huge bus featuring images of the two comedians with the words, “REDUCE WHITE GUILT *TODAY*.” The ploy also consists of an airplane with a banner flying over Los Angeles and flyers asking showing up in the neighborhoods of TV Academy members.

Of course, the key to the joke is that much of the entertainment voting body is still extraordinarily racially homogenous, a fact that isn’t lost on many in the entertainment world in 2018 (a time in which we’re supposed to be “post-racial,” but as if). Seeing how things are still largely segregated, it isn’t surprising that some in the voting body would bristle at Desus and Mero’s brand of promotion.

As one voter told Deadline, “I like the show from what I’ve seen of it, but that campaign takes it too far. It’s almost offensive.” Does the voter watch the show as they say? Because this humor isn’t anything new for Desus & Mero fans. Surprise, surprise: the “kinda offensive” element is part of the point of the joke, but it’s also not the point. The real point is the more massive statement the campaign is making about how racialized the entertainment voting process is in the first place. Of course, we don’t know who this voter is or their race (and in some cases, it doesn’t matter, since being racially obtuse isn’t just allocated to the racially privileged–case in point: Stacey Dash). But the fact that the voter doesn’t get the joke here is, in fact, a joke in itself.

As we’ve reported recently, Desus and Mero are moving from Viceland to Showtime. The new show is scheduled to hit the airwaves in 2019.

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