Didya Hear About Spike's Profanity Laden Rant At Sundance?
Photo Credit: S & A

Didya Hear About Spike's Profanity Laden Rant At Sundance?


Oh that Spike! Can't live with him, can't live without him (Or is it can't live with him, can't shoot him?)

I'm sure that Tambay will have something to say about this soon; but I got an e-mail this morning from a friend of mine who saw Spike's latest film, Red Hook Summer at the premiere last night, and he said that he couldn't wait to tell me about the Q and A that followed the screening, when he got back

Seems that Spike sort of went off the rails with a wild and crazy, profanity-laced rant about the film, Hollywood, Chris Rock and a few other things. But of course you realize that Spike is a professional provocateur. Everything he says is calulated for effect. If you want to read what he said at the Q and A, then go right HERE (But be forwarned that there are plot spoilers).

By the way, the film has been getting mainly mixed or negative reviews so far (though Variety liked it a lot) and it's geting a lot of people upset, which, no doubt, was intentional on Spike's part.

And as I said, Tamaby will tell us what he thought of it soon enough. But speaking for myself, you can have Red Tails, this is the film I want to see. If it's getting people that angry then I really have to see it