Dionne Warwick Drags Wendy Williams For Talking About Her On 'The Wendy Williams Show'
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Dionne Warwick Drags Wendy Williams For Talking About Her On 'The Wendy Williams Show'

Say a little prayer for Wendy Williams, because she’s getting dragged online by Dionne Warwick.

The legendary singer and newly-minted Twitter star posted two tweets directed at Williams, who spoke about Warwick on The Wendy Williams Show.

“A friend alerted me that Wendy Williams was spending a lot of not nice time speaking on me. I tuned in to her show to catch the last few minutes of her speaking about me and as in the past she seems not to be able to speak without maliciously made comments,” Warwick wrote.

“My hope is my name will refrain from being spoken or thought of by her as this conversation was held a few years ago letting her know there was nor would be any need for her to say the name Dionne Warwick for any reason,” she continued. “I don’t believe one has to be mean to get noticed.

“There’s an old saying you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! Try it Wendy you might like it,” she wrote, ending the tweet with a clown emoji.

During her “Hot Topics” segment, Williams was commenting on Warwick’s recent funny posts about Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd’s names, in which the performers in question laughed along with her online jokes. While Williams’ comments seemed benign in the beginning, she started going on a tangent about how she believes Warwick doesn’t like her.

“When I say I’m the Dionne Warwick of talk, it’s only because–even though I’m not 79 like Dionne–she has haters cause she’s gone on to be a Twitter person now. She’s never been involved with the Twitter-sphere. She’s a beautiful woman,” Williams rambled, according to TooFab. “She doesn’t like me though, I know she doesn’t like me. She’s a friend to the show ’cause she has something to promote and we’re the social influences and she’s smart. But once she’s off the show, ya know, she’s probably like, ‘Bitch.’ It’s okay, Miss, Warwick, it’s okay.”

Williams also insinuated that Warwick smokes marijuana before tweeting, alleging that Warwick tweets “like, after Aunt Dionne does what she wants, after midnight, maybe after some bud.”

“Well, you remember a few years ago, Aunt Dionne was stopped at the Miami airport trying to get back to Jersey…TSA stopped Aunt Dionne and opened up a lipstick tube and found 11 pre-rolled joints.”

The incident in question happened in 2002. According to the BBC, charges were dropped, and a police report confirmed Warwick was not under the influence at the time. Warwick also issued a statement at the time stating she didn’t know how the drugs were found in her possession, saying, “Entertainers are sometimes placed in vulnerable situations which are completely beyond their control. To this day, I am puzzled about exactly what happened at the Miami International Airport, but through the grace of God I can now put this unpleasant chapter behind me.”

She also seemed to make fun of Warwick’s facial features, saying Warwick’s niece Brittani Warrick helped Warwick find a flattering angle for a recent social media video “’cause we with big nostrils do not like this shot down here,” with Williams mimicking holding a camera towards the bottom of her face.

Even though Williams acted like the segment was all in jest, saying, “Aunt Dionne, we’re only having fun with you, I love you,” Warwick and her fans aren’t laughing.

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