Disney Announces "Avengers" Sequel. An Opportunity To Introduce Black Panther Or Luke Cage?
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Disney Announces "Avengers" Sequel. An Opportunity To Introduce Black Panther Or Luke Cage?


With The Avengers movie well on its way to raking in $1 billion worldwide, it's of absolutely zero surprise that Disney made it official yesterday that a sequel to the franchise is on its way! D'uh!

It's superhero movie fever if you haven't already noticed, and with 3 of key Avengers characters already in their own franchises, with threequels and sequels planned (Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, and Thor 2) all scheduled for release within the next couple of years, I'd think that even the hardest fanboys/girls would eventually start to feel over-taxed with all these related movies – especially if they don't live up to expectations. 

But where do the brotha and sistah superheroes fit in all this? No love for us, huh? Where's my Luke Cage movie? Or Black Panther? I only mention those 2 since they are the only black superhero names that seem the closest to having movies based on them realized any time soon. 

Both are Marvel characters just like the others mentioned in this post. I won't hold my breath, but what I will wonder/ask all you comic book afficionados (a club I'm not a member of) is this: with a sequel to The Avengers now definitely a go, would this be good time to maybe introduce Luke Cage or the Black Panther?

Like I said, I'm not intimately familiar with that universe, but based on the research I did right on Marvel's own website, Cage and Panther were both affiliated with The Avengers at some point, right? I believe the Black Panther came first, and Cage was a leader of The New Avengers, correct? And so, based on how the first movie progresses, does it stick to the comic book narrative, or does it take creative liberties? And if so, even if Luke Cage's or Black Panther's time with The Avengers don't come until further down the Avengers timeline, what are the chances of one or both characters being somehow worked into the sequel?

And an even broader question would be, what would you like to see in The Avengers 2?

School me!

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