'Divorce Court': Wild Case On A Man Who Ruined His Engagement To Play Basketball With A Rapper
Photo Credit: Divorce Court

'Divorce Court': Wild Case On A Man Who Ruined His Engagement To Play Basketball With A Rapper

The most recent episode of Divorce Court finds a man who contributed to the demise of his engagement due to a ridiculous, selfish reason.

Complex reports that Christina Smalls and George Artis came to the show to dissolve their relationship. One of the issues contributing to the engagement going sour was Artis not giving Smalls her car back at an appropriate time.

His reason is that he wanted to be able to say he hung out with rapper OMB Peezy.

“George is very inconsiderate and he asked one day to use my car to go play basketball,” said Smalls, adding that she let him use the car as long as he agreed to bring the car back in time for her to run her errands for the day. Eventually, Artis called to say OMB Peezy had shown up.

"He was just telling me it was this rapper at the court, and he was out there shooting hoops with them and he was actually on the way back home," she said.

“5:30 came, no sign of George. I start calling George [and] he will not answer the phone. I go check my social media, he’s posting on [Instagram] stories of the basketball player but he’s not answering my phone calls.” Artis finally showed up three hours late.

OMB Peezy, Artis said, is one of his favorite Alabama-based rappers.

“And he was out there playing basketball with us, and time had just slipped,” he said. “We were just talking and caryring on and yes, I should have answered the phone and just let her know that I was gonna be a little late. Instead I just played and chilled with them. …Once in a lifetime, couldn’t pass it up.”

OMB Peezy himself has since commented on the clip, posting it to his Instagram with the caption, "@divorcecourt spare dat man we was hoopin."

He also wrote on his Instagram stories, “He innocent cause if I see @omb_peezy I’ma risk it for the biscuit too, I ain’t lying.”

Would you risk your relationship to hang out with your idol?


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