DIY Release Of Provoking 'Machetero' Continues On VOD (Isaach de Bankolé, Not4Prophet Star)
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DIY Release Of Provoking 'Machetero' Continues On VOD (Isaach de Bankolé, Not4Prophet Star)


A lot of information here, so instead of me summarizing, here are words directly from the filmmaker himself, which are far more personal and thus I believe much more effective than anything I could say…

The film played for a week in NYC, in June , at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center Kabayito’s Theater, 107 Suffolk Street. It’s not available on VOD via Vimeo.

To watch, click HERE.

MACHETERO is the debut feature film of infamous artist, agitpropagandist, and filmmaker Vagabond. The film stars Isaach de Bankolé, Not4Prophet, Dylcia Pagan and Kelvin Fernandez. Staying true to his DIY (Do It Yourself) Punk roots vagabond is self-releasing MACHETERO at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in the Kabayito’s Theater in New York City’s, Lower East Side. The film opens June 12th and runs through June 19th. 

The island nation of Puerto Rico has been a victim of imperialism for over 500 years. It was a colony of Spain for 400 years and has been a colony of the United States since 1898. Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world. The fact that it’s a colony of the US, a nation that prides itself on being a champion of freedom and democracy around the world, should not go unnoticed. There has always been a resistance movement in Puerto Rico to US colonialism that has often times been violent. Vagabond’s award winning debut feature film MACHETERO uses the colonial condition of Puerto Rico to explore issues of terrorism and the cyclical nature of the violence that it brings. The film poses questions about what terrorism is in an anti-colonial struggle. It challenges us to ask who is a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter and how are those terms defined, and by whom…


In the tradition of Gillo Pontecorvo’s BATTLE OF ALGIERS, Melvin Van Peebles SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADASSSSS SONG and Sam Greenlee’s THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR, Vagabond’s MACHETERO is a meditation on violence as a means toward liberation. French journalist Jean Dumont, played by Isaach de Bankolé (GHOST DOG, 24, CASINO ROYALE, LIMITS OF CONTROL) interviews Pedro Taino a so-called “Puerto Rican Terrorist” played by Not4Prophet (lead singer of the Puerto Punk band RICANSTRUCTION) in a New York prison. Pedro is a self-described Machetero fighting to free Puerto Rico from the yoke of US colonialism. Obsessed with freedom, Jean questions Pedro about his decision to use violence as a means to achieve that freedom.

As Jean and Pedro speak, a Ghetto Youth played by Kelvin Fernandez (in his first starring role) struggles to survive the colonial condition. A revolutionary spirit instilled in him from childhood by a mentor played by former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner of War, Dylcia Pagán (who did 20 years in US prisons) is reawakened after reading a pamphlet authored by Pedro called the Anti-manifesto. The Ghetto Youth then goes on a journey to transform himself into the next Machetero.

MACHETERO is structured around songs from the album, “Liberation Day” by RICANSTRUCTION. The songs are incorporated as a modern day Punk Rock Greek chorus. RICANSTRUCTION also improvised a score for the film that moves from hardcore be-bop punk to layered Afro-Rican rhythms.


Vagabond, writer, producer, director and editor

Vagabond was born in Brooklyn to a Puerto Rican mother and Jamaican father. He attended the School Of Visual Arts for film and video but dropped out to work on Spike Lee’s DO THE RIGHT THING. He’s continued to work in the film industry doing production. He’s produced and directed television for Galavison and SiTV. vagabond is also the co-founder of the RICANSTRUCTION Netwerk an artist collective in the vein of the Situationist International. He’s organized political protests, designed agitprop murals, posters, pamphlets and zines and produced and directed documentaries, music videos and web series. MACHETERO is his debut feature film. It’s won awards in South Africa, Wales, England, Thailand, Ireland and New York.


Vagabond • Writer, Producer, Director and Editor

Not4Prophet • Writer of the Anti-Manifesto

Resister Fernandez • Co-Producer

Jeff “AK” Akers • Cinematographer

RICANSTRUCTION • Songs and Score (featuring songs from the album Liberation Day)

Jo Cunningham • Sound Design


Isaach De Bankolé • Jean Dumont

Not4Prophet • Pedro Taino

Kelvin Fernandez • The Young Rebel

Dylcia Pagán • The Mentor


International Film Festival South Africa – October 2008


Swansea Bay Film Festival (Wales UK) – June 2009


Heart Of England International Film Festival – June 2009


Thai International Film Festival – August 2009


International Film Festival Ireland – September – 2009

BEST FILM – North America

New York Independent International Film & Video Festival – October -2010


And with that, check out the trailer for what obviously looks and sounds like an incendiary piece of cinema in Machetero below. To watch the film in its entirety, click HERE:

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