'Django Unchained' Comic, Shaft's Ancestors & Jamie Foxx Compares Tarantino To Hip-Hop Artists
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'Django Unchained' Comic, Shaft's Ancestors & Jamie Foxx Compares Tarantino To Hip-Hop Artists


More from Comic-Con… during a DC Comics panel, Quentin Tarantino surprised attendees with an appearance, as well as news that DC Comics will publish a 5-issue miniseries based on the screenplay for his upcoming slave-revenge movie Django Unchained.

Here is the most significant part of his revelation:

"We have worked out a situation where we're going to do a 'Django Unchained' comic. It's going to come out — I think the first issue is going to come out a couple months before the movie opens and basically take the entire story of the film and do it as a comic book from beginning to end. What I'm really excited about — not only do I love comic books, I always loved western comics in particular along with the superhero stuff. So I was really excited when it come up with doing a comic about the film. One of the things that I'm really excited about is that 'Django Unchained' is a big epic. When I write big epic scripts like 'Kill Bill,' there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make the movie because they're too f-ing big. They'd be four hour movies if I did everything that was in the script, so there always is this aspect that the script is this big literary piece that I'm always taking it out and changing it and transforming it to make it a movie by the time it's all finished. That's the process, I'm always adapting my movie every day, my unwieldy script into a movie every day as I do it, but what's really cool about doing a 'Django Unchained' comic book is that it's the entire script. Even though things might have changed in the movie, I might have changed something else, I might have dropped chapters, I might have dropped big pieces — that will all be in the comic. The comic will literally be that very first draft of the script. All that material that didn't make the movie, all of that will be part of the piece. And I'm really excited about it. So, be looking out for 'Django Unchained' in a comic book store and 7 Eleven near you!"

So the comic series will be an adaptation of the first draft of the script, which had everything, AND the kitchen sink, in it; probably not the draft most of us read. 

And it will be released before the film is out, which tells me it's really more part of the marketing campaign for the film (as if it really needs any more marketing, given how wide the awareness for it already is, and the anticipation). But I suppose it might be interesting to see what the epic story originally looked like with everything he'd initially thought of in it, and compare it to the completed film when it's released in December.

And there was also this revelation from Tarantino: that Brunhilde von Shaft character, which he referred to as Brunhilde von Shaft (we've known her as Broomhilda all along) is, in his mind, an ancestor of John Shaft.

Ok then. Maybe that suggests a Django Unchained franchise of films that lead up to the birth of Shaft; likely not though.

Also at Comic-Con over the weekend, soon after a sizzle reel from the film was shown to attendees, which I hear wowed the crowd, Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, who were present for the event, talked about the project, with Jamie dishing on taking the role after others had passed on it, egos, etc, stating:

To be honest with you, I really think that things happen for a reason. I think if Will would have done it, it would have been fantastic. You know, it didn't work out. He was doing other things. Will also called me and said, "This is the part to be in." He really loved the script. Look, you get the chance to work with Quentin Tarantino, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz — you have to be a part of that. That's the other thing, too. Sometime your ego can get you out of sh-t. It can have your ass sitting there and thinking you're all this, meanwhile the world is going past you. It's really about art. Cinema. Whether they paid us or not, we want to be there. You want to be there with these people.

And further, Jamie went on to compared Tarantino to a hip-hop artist, stating:

Tarantino is a hip-hop artist. Do you know what I mean?… What do hip-hop artists do? When they know they've got a hot record, they leak it and they let you fester on it. Because he knows what he has. So, today is a hip-hop move. And, from what I hear, it did what it was supposed to do. And that's not even … we know what it is. I mean, we're not trying jinx it.

I thought maybe he was going to say the screenplay leak really was the original "hip-hop move," and not the sizzle reel that was shown at Comic-Con, because that's certainly been festering within all of us for almost a year now, which has only helped inspire dialogue (pro and con), which only helps build anticipation, I think.

They also talk about what it was like working with Tarantino (the first time for both of them), the violence, Jamie's colorful outfits, the hype and more. You can read the full interview HERE.

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