"Django Unchained" Unscientific Audience Survey (Excited To See It? Ambivalent? No Thanks? Or...?)
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"Django Unchained" Unscientific Audience Survey (Excited To See It? Ambivalent? No Thanks? Or...?)


Lots of chatter on- and offline about the 7-minute preview of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained that screened for audiences at the Cannes Film Festival today; lots of excitement, and from all I've read from those who were in attendance, nothing but praise for that short glimpse… as if there wasn't already before today's reveal.

Read my post HERE from earlier today if you missed all that.

While we wait for that 7-minute preview to be made available on the web… a poll/survey inspired by a conversation I had, soon after my Twitter feed exploded with reactions to the footage screened at Cannes.

In short, the convo centered on who the audience for Django Unchained is –  with the person I was chatting with telling me that the majority of the folks he knows who are excited about the film, and are anxious to see it, are white men between 18 and 40, and he doesn't know any black person who's just as excited about the film, without any concerns for its content and message(s).

I disagreed, saying that, looking over past S&A posts about the film, I've read comments from readers (who I assume are black – at least mostly) who've said that they are indeed looking forward to the film, and don't really appear to have any abivalence about it at all; quite the contrary actually.

Sure I'd say that a healthy number of you have expressed some concern for the film, with some already dismissing it, with no plans to see it; but, and here lie the questions that ended our debate, are those people in the majority or minority? And even if they are in the majority, will their *protest* matter at the box office?

I say likely not to the last question; the buzz says so. Unless it's a trainwreck of a film, and just not at all entertaining (neither of which I anticipate will be the case, and uncharacteristic of Tarantino), I expect Django to open big, with audiences of all skin colors making up the audience.

But what I'd really like to know is, how many of you are: 1.) Excited to see Django Unchained, and have no concerns whatsoever about what it may/may not contain, or just don't care, and will be seeing it; 2.) Are curious, but with some concerns; but will see it if only to confirm or negate your expectations; 3.) Not interested in seeing it, but not necessarily due to any content concerns, but rather, you just don't care, or maybe you're not a fan of the director, or star actors; 4.) You've already made up your mind that you absolutely will not be seeing it, whether because you have concerns, or because it's a revisitonist slave narrative written and directed by a non-black director; or because it's not the slave revenge movie you've been hoping for, based on all you've heard/read about it thus far; or 5.) none of the above; and if so, where do you stand?

Consider this an unscientific survey, and feel free to share.

I've said many times over, and I'll say it again: I fully expect reactions to this flick to be strong on both sides. No middle ground here. You'll either love it or hate it. And the conversations (if past posts on this site are any indication) will certainly be fiery!

So it begins… 🙂