Do You Remember The Time 'Rugrats' Highlighted Martin Luther King Jr. In An Episode?
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Do You Remember The Time 'Rugrats' Highlighted Martin Luther King Jr. In An Episode?

Some may have forgotten about this since it was in an episode about Kwanzaa, but back in 2001, Rugrats highlighted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

MLK was featured in A Rugrats Kwanzaa, which is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of the classic animated series.

In the episode, the Carmichael Family (with the other Rugrats in tow) is visited by their Great Aunt T, who comes over to celebrate Kwanzaa.

When Susie is feeling down because she thinks she doesn’t measure up to the accomplishments of the rest her family, Aunt T tells a series of stories to show that everyone is great in their way.

Aunt T tells the kids one story in which she met a man on the side of the road that was having car trouble on the way to Washington, D.C. Aunt T and Uncle Charles help the man and give him a change of clothes. Come to find out, the man is Martin Luther King Jr., and he is on the way to deliver the “I Have A Dream” speech!

Watch a clip from the episode below:



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