Docs On Nigeria's Musical Heroes & One Of The Largest & Oldest Open Air Markets In Africa (Funding)
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Docs On Nigeria's Musical Heroes & One Of The Largest & Oldest Open Air Markets In Africa (Funding)

2 documentary projects that look very worthwhile to me, and that could really use your assistance in making them a reality.

First, Elder’s Corner (spotted this morning on Africa Is A Country) – a documentary highlighting the music, lives and times of Nigeria’s pioneering musical heroes – names from yesteryear other than Fela, whom most are familiar with, who are just as iconic, yet not as widely-known. “Set against the colorful yet gritty backdrop of Lagos, Elder’s Corner follows their extraordinary musical journey through Nigeria’s quest for self rule, bitter civil war, power struggles, oil and riches. It includes unseen performances, archival footage and stunning visual imagery from these cultural, iconic figures.

New York City-based Nigerian musician and filmmaker Siji is its director.

Watch a preview of the doc below, and follow the Kickstarter widget underneath to contribute.

Secondly… from Nigeria, we head east to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for another documentary project by Sosena Solomon, titled Merkato (this one spotted on A Bombastic Element).

The gist: “::MERKATO::: takes a personal journey through one of the largest & oldest open air markets in Africa (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). From the perspective of five personal stories a reflection emerges of a fascinating place that is a true microcosm of the human condition. The culture and way of life for many of Merkato’s merchants is under threat by modern development. MERKATO is the final portrait of the people who LIVE, WORK and DREAM within this rapidly transforming reality.

Again, watch the preview below, and if you’re encouraged to do so, click within the Kickstarter widget underneath to contribute! I’ll be giving to both projects and hope many of you will as well! I’m very interested in the content each presents.

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