Does Viola Davis Need "Passion" In Her Life?
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Does Viola Davis Need "Passion" In Her Life?

nullSince I've been on a roll lately, getting people all riled up, I lie awake thinking of what kind deviltry I can inflict on you all next? And I think it may have fallen into my lap, when I read this piece from Jeff Wells on his blog today, referring to Davis' latest choice of film roles, which I posted about last week, in the upcoming Ender's Game and Beautiful Creatures.

He states that, so far, Davis has been playing roles that are "defined by their work – Social worker, CIA agent, bad mom, domestic maid, space engineer, nurse, policewoman… in short she's in a rut."  What she needs, says Wells, is to play a woman defined by emotion, preferably "sex and passion, and if she needs to play a role of this type, she needs to do it soon.

Although his "brilliant" idea of having Davis playing a "sexual maid" (no doubt on a planation) as a change of pace, is moronic.

But then again… it's Jeff Wells.

However, aside from that, I have to agree with his basic point. I would love to see her play more varied and passionate roles.

Just judging from the comments we've gotten in response to that fashion shoot she did for the L.A. Times Magazine, I think a lot of people would love to see her in that mold as well; and she definitely could play a role like that (not that there was any doubt that she couldn't).

Perhaps the HBO project she's currently developing with Dee Rees, or some other project that she needs to develop herself, will give her those opportunities.

What do you say?

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