Don Cheadle Talks Potential 'War Machine' Spin-Off Movie From 'Iron Man'
Photo Credit: S & A

Don Cheadle Talks Potential 'War Machine' Spin-Off Movie From 'Iron Man'


If a War Machine (aka James ‘Rhodey‘ Rhodes) movie actually happens, I’d be shocked! Although maybe one will be helped by the success of Iron Man, compared to other black superhero movies many of you have been asking for (Black Panther and Luke Cage to start). 

In an Empire magazine interview with Don Cheadle, while on the Iron Man 3 press junket, he talked about how a War Machine/Iron Patriot movie might be launched from the Iron Man franchise. Apparently, from what Cheadle says in the interview, they’ve actually talked about it, although nothing’s set.

Listen to the podcast before; Cheadle comes in at the 1.03.43 mark,  and the War Machine movie talk starts at 1.20.

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