'Drag Race' Contestant Portrays Enslaved Woman In Powerful Runway Statement: 'Thank You Kimora'
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'Drag Race' Contestant Portrays Enslaved Woman In Powerful Runway Statement: 'Thank You Kimora'

Kimora Amour presented one of the most powerful looks in Drag Race history during Thursday’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race.

Amour wowed audiences during the Sinners Ball with her powerful look for the “Ugly as Sin” category. For her look, she portrayed an enslaved woman who finally breaks free from her shackles and escapes to Canada to find freedom.

“It is difficult, but it is a story I needed to tell on this runway,” she said during her confessional in the episode. Later in the episode during the critiques, she added, “There are a lot of portrayals when it comes to slavery and it is visceral, and it hurts. We are a set of people who honestly do not know where we come from. We literally have no home. It’s why I take such pride in being Guyanese because it gives me something to hold onto…The pain and the suffering is ugly as hell and I don’t think the world often sees that and understands how it still hurts our community.”

Even though Amour’s look shook the judges and forced them to reckon with the horrible reality of slavery, it apparently wasn’t enough to make her the winner. Instead, Icesis Couture won the ball challenge, leaving people on social media confused, but ultimately ready to sing Amour’s praises for her brave performance.

One commenter wrote about the judges simply naming Amour as one of the safe queens, writing, “Unfortunately @KimoraAmour joins the list of [B]lack & [B]rown queens who wanted to make a statement and raise awareness for systematic racism and oppression in such a profound way– only to get a pat on the back and told they’re not good enough for the win.”

The commenter included images of Amour's runway look and looks from current 'Drag Race' U.S. winner Symone and 'Drag Race' All Stars season 5 contestant Mariah Paris Balenciaga.

Another shared that sentiment, writing, "There's not enough @KimoraAmour love on my timeline today. Last night was perfection. Thank you for sharing with us so openly."

Many viewers were in awe of Amour's performance, with one writing, "Kimora Amour gave one of the most breathtaking runway[s] every, if not the most. It was beyond the competition and so major."

"I'm over here tearing up over everything @KimoraAmour said about her second runway," another viewer posted.

“When she said that’s why she’s proud to be Guyanese & that it gives her something to hold on to, it clicked that’s why I’m proud of my own heritage too. Thank you Kimora.”

SiriusXM host Shaun Proulx also tweeted about the runway, writing, “‘Iconic,’ ‘legendary’ and a ‘moment’ are brutally overused, but @KimoraAmour your second look on #CanadasDrag Race was an iconic moment that is already legendary. Wow just wow.”

'Canada's Drag Race' alum Kiara and Amour's Season 2 sister Kendall Gender also commented on the performance

Kiara wrote, “[H]uge respect to @KimoraAmour…your second look was one for the books.” Gender wrote, “I just want to say how much I love and respect @KimoraAmour, that was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen on television.”

The latest episode of Canada’s Drag Race is available on WOW Presents Plus.

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