Dutch Programmers Making Show About White Women With 'Jungle Fever'
Photo Credit: S & A

Dutch Programmers Making Show About White Women With 'Jungle Fever'

The Dutch are at it again apparently; this must be the umpteenth post we’ve done that’s centered on some racially-questionable Dutch film, TV series, or magazine article; and my guess is that it wont be the last…

An email I received from Quinsy Gario who runs the blog Roetinheteten.info tells the tale… We posted his review of the controversial Dutch film Only Decent People, last year.

Dear Mister Obenson, 

I thought I would give you another heads up of the happenings here. A Dutch production company is making a show about white women who have jungle fever. They’re going to put the women in an apartment and get black guys for them to date. As theyr’e doing this they’re also going to study the multicultural society of Amsterdam’s black neighborhood The Bijlmer. 

My blog wrote about it and now a state funded public broadcaster has responded by coming up with the hashtag #BLACKCOCK and saying that there’s nothing wrong with the program. 

Could you get this out there: http://www.roetinheteten.info/post/44936349293/dutch-public-broadcasters-get-paid-to-be-racist


Kind regards,

Well, I’m getting the info out there as Quinsy requests, so click on the link to his blog above, catch up on the back-story, and return to share your thoughts.

By the way, the above image came from the state funded public broadcaster’s website that Quinsy mentions, who responded to his concerns and came up with the hashtag #BLACKCOCK.