'Each And Every Day': MTV Doc To Address Mental Health Among Young People Amid The Pandemic
Photo Credit: MTV

'Each And Every Day': MTV Doc To Address Mental Health Among Young People Amid The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone but it’s something that the teenage generation has never experienced. Teenagers went from social functions and going from class to class in their beloved high school hallways to being stuck at home doing virtual learning and quarantined for months on end.

As the vaccine makes its way through the country and social restrictions are lifted, many are anxious to get back to normal everyday life but the truth is reality, as we knew it prior to COVID, is over. Many are still grappling with some form of anxiety and depression over a year after the virus was made known. Unfortunately, the rate of suicide amongst teens has risen amid the pandemic.

MTV is bringing forth a new documentary to address the effects of the pandemic and to shine a light on the importance of mental health in the younger generation. Peabody-winning director Alexandra Shiva shot Each and Every Day during the pandemic. 

The description: The film features nine young people that span across race, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds across the country, sharing their personal stories in an intimate and engaging conversation that goes deep into the fastest-growing epidemic among teens and young adults today. Audiences not only hear their stories of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns, but also see the uplifting message of hope, recovery and the importance of treatment and honest conversation.

The documentary is set to air commercial-free on Tuesday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET and will be available stream afterward on the MTV app and Pluto. 

Check out an exclusive clip from the project below: