East African Documentary Filmmakers - New Initiative DOCUBOX Wants To Fund Your Film
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East African Documentary Filmmakers - New Initiative DOCUBOX Wants To Fund Your Film

nullDOCUBOX is a new East African documentary film fund that supports documentary filmmakers from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania by providing grant money to help them complete their documetary projects. 

The initiative also provides support and input from internationally-acclaimed documentary filmmakers from thought to screen. 

September 15th is the deadline date, so act fast! Details follow:


project development & trailer development

production & post-production

In the first part of our program, DOCUBOX will offer a maximum of 10 filmmakers the chance to develop their concept and make trailers, or shoot a short section of their film, supported by grants of $2,000.

All participating filmmakers granted $2,000 to make these trailers and are free, if not selected for further development by DOCUBOX, to use these trailers to pursue further funding or to develop the trailers into feature films, provided they credit DOCUBOX for the development grant assistance. 

In the second stage our program, a selection panel chooses the most promising projects from the completed trailers and supports a maximum of 6 projects each receiving a maximum of $25,000 to complete production of their films. We hope to invite broadcasters in at this stage to contribute to the selection process, highlighting those films which they would be interested in part-funding.Docubox is an East African documentary film fund, supported by the Ford Foundation.

Applications must be from the East African countries Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania to apply.

We support intimate, character-driven storytelling and encourage new forms of ownership and authorship in East Africa.

We exist to enable talented, driven, focused and accountable artists with unique stories to tell to produce unique films that unearth new realities (about worlds, identities and people) and cross-transnational lines through training, development and production grants, screenings, and networking events for people who love documentary films. 

We do not fund fiction.

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