East African Motion Capture Studio Opens in Rwanda - the First of its Kind
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East African Motion Capture Studio Opens in Rwanda - the First of its Kind

nullAfrica Digital Media Academy has opened only East African motion capture studio in Kigali.

Motion capture is the process by which live movement is recorded and the data used to more efficiently create realistic animation for film and television.

Motion capture studio in Kigali is the first of its kind in east and central Africa.

Speaking at the press conference at Africa Digital Media Academy offices in Kigali yesterday, the Director General of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA), Emmanuel Gasana, said the new facility will generate more income in Rwanda’s economy through foreign trainees who will be accessing the services from the advanced motion capture studio.

"This is the 3rd country to get this motion capture studio in Africa after South Africa and Nigeria. I think ours is more advanced because we have modern high-tech equipment and well skilled lecturers," said Gasana.

The studio will help interested Rwandan youth from different sectors to train in latest film making technology.

"We are blessed as Rwandans to get this facility which will attract people from different parts of the world. I am sure that this studio will not be for only Rwandans, other people from Africa and other parts of the world will access our services," he added.

Gasana said the motion capture studio will facilitate the country to earn foreign currency from foreigners who will come for training in different areas like film making, lighting, cartoon making and many other services provided by the studio.

According to Marler Christopher, director Africa Digital Media Academy, the motion capture studio will provide students with skills in filmmaking, editing and lighting.

"Our studio has all modern high- technology equipment for film making industries at international level. Our studio has advanced motion capture which has been used in films such as Lord of the rings and Avatar and Dawn of the planet of the apes," Marler added.

Africa Digital Media Academy is part of the technical and vocational education and training network, operated by WDA. It was opened in January, 2012 and it trains Rwandans in all aspects of advanced media production, from film editing and production to 3D animation.

Currently, the Academy is the process of admitting around 100 students for the next in take.

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