'Empire' Season 4, Episode 5 recap: “The Fool”

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November 9th 2017

The World Series is finally over and Empire is back with a vengeance! We jump into “The Fool” with Hakeem, Cookie, Thirsty and Tianna discussing details of their relationship with Anika to custody lawyer Skip. Anika and Angelo are working overtime to gain custody of Bella, so the Lyons are hoping Skip can help them fight. As we already know, the ins and outs of how Bella came into the world are messy and weird AF, but the lawyer needs to know everything to effectively help.

While that’s going on, TMZ reports on Lucious’ condition. The word is now out that his memory is gone. If you recall, Warren is the reason that the cat is out the bag. He romanced the information out of Jamal and served it to his aunt Dubois.

I find it so strange that a family with an endless amount of resources would let a stranger like Warren walk into Jamal’s life without a bit of investigation. With the internet around, would it really be that difficult to find out that Warren is a member of the Dubois family? I mean, he’s an attorney. I’m positive his records are public enough to figure out the relation.

The problem could also be that the Lyons are just not that bright. This idea is proven true through Andre, who is not only sexing Detective Pamela Rose, but now having full-out sleepovers. Although terribly unethical, Detective Rose is doing a good job of separating her sex life with Andre from the business. She’s moving forward with not only investigating Giuliana’s disappearance, but also trying to find out who attempted to blow up Lucious. Andre’s sex must not be very good, because homegirl is not one bit swayed from her goal. It can also be that Andre has met his deviant match. In just the way he used sex to manipulate people, she seems to now be doing the same to him.

Meanwhile, because of the information about Lucious leaking, Cookie thinks it would be best for him to show his face at Empire to reassure the concerned board that all is well. She also thinks it’s a good idea to get several reporters to follow him for 24 hours while listening to remixes for the first Empire 20 for 20 release. As you might suspect, it’s a terrible idea. But Lucious comes up with a plan to remedy the situation.

In the following scene, the great, super-producer Eddie Barker strolls into Empire with Lucious to save the day. His first order of business is to check out what Tianna has been cooking up in the studio. Eddie loves her song, confirming just how much of a fantasy world Empire resides in. I love Tianna, but he was raving over her like she was Whitney Houston or something. And she’s not. Maybe something closer to a Paula Abdul.

On the other side of things, the Dubois family is unraveling bit by bit. Warren, the prostitute, barges into Angelo’s swanky office, angry at his cousin for almost blowing his cover with Jamal earlier in the day. It was def a ballsy move on Angelo’s part. He’s doing all this crazy stuff, from “helping” ‘Nika with the custody case to popping up for random confrontations, because he is still in love with Cookie. It would be so easy for him to confess that to her, get turned down and move on, but good TV is what we’re looking for here, and drama is a necessary ingredient.

While Warren and Angelo verbally lash each other, a surprise guest rings the doorbell. Warren hides while Angelo catches the door. It’s Hakeem, and he wants answers! Not getting the response he wants from Angelo — and, honestly, just being straight up provoked — Hakeem shoves the politician into the wall and follows up with a jab to his face.

Hakeem is being so ridiculous about this baby thing. I personally think if he didn’t act so silly with Anika upon her return, all of this could’ve been avoided. He thinks just because he finally stepped up to care for Bella, he’s the world’s best Dad. meh.

Later, Hakeem decides that the best thing to do is to book a one-way flight to Cuba to keep the laws from taking Bella away. He asks Tianna to go with them, and she actually says “yes.” I was shocked because after working with the world-renowned Eddie Barker, who hailed her as the next Aretha Franklin, she would be a fool to flee the country and abandon her fabulous career. Well, luckily, she’s smarter than she leads us to believe. The songstress shows up to the airport with Cookie in tow, who persuades Hakeem to call off his great escape. Never underestimate Tianna. She’s always full of surprises.

Back at the Empire offices, Lucious is taking up finger painting. I kid, but he def starts to paint pictures with his hands. He has what Claudia calls, synesthesia. It’s defined by her as when someone sees colors in the music they listen to. But Cookie has a different perspective — he’s not listening to music and painting, he’s actually making music. This sets the stage for the final few minutes of the episode.

While finger painting more masterpieces at his estate, all of Lucious’ memories start rushing back, including his deep love for his muse, Cookie. He takes that uncontainable passion and expresses it by sexing Claudia. In the morning, Claudia is thrilled! She was called Lucious’ muse, they danced a bit AND he gave her the D?! The nurse is on cloud nine! But in a strange turn of events (for her), Lucious shuts down the fantasy, quickly telling Claudia that the entire time he was referencing everything towards Cookie.

Cookie shows up to the mansion, realizes that the old Lucious has returned and has a field day, getting Claudia escorted out of the home. Cookie is overjoyed to see the old Lucious back, but she honestly shouldn’t be. I suspect tons of changes are about to take place that will disrupt all the great, positive work she has done for the music company. I’m actually very sad for what’s to come for everybody at Empire. I really loved the place sans evil Lucious, but back to the old days we go!

by Namon Eugene on November 9th 2017
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