'Encanto': Adorable Viral Post Shows Power Of Disney's Latinx Animated Film And Representation
Photo Credit: Kah Brand / Facebook

'Encanto': Adorable Viral Post Shows Power Of Disney's Latinx Animated Film And Representation

Disney‘s Encanto is showing why representation matters thanks to a reaction from one of it’s smallest fans.

Colombian-American singer/songwriter Adassa, who voices the character Dolores in Encanto, tweeted about a Facebook post featuring a small boy who looks like one of the film’s characters, Antonio.

“This is Kenzo, he LOVES Antonio from #Encanto and feels represented,” she wrote, thanking her friend for sharing the now-viral picture of his nephew. In the picture, Kenzo is featured next to an image of Antonio, who shares Kenzo’s skin tone and hair texture.

Representation is a big part of Encanto‘s appeal as Disney’s first film set in Colombia. Shadow and Act talked with choreographers Jamal Sims and Kai Martinez about what it was like to work on the history-making film.

“For me, it was an opportunity to work with our amazing directors Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith and the whole team. That was a big part for me,” said Sims. “But even more so than that was the idea of bringing a diverse story to the world to Disney. [That] was huge for me because I just believe that we that’s exactly what the world needs right now. And it’s about family. So all those elements for me were what got me.”

“Jamal hit me up about this project…a little over a year ago. And as soon as I even heard Disney, Colombian, animated, everything–I was just completely signed on. I didn’t even care what obstacle or what [I’d have to overcome],” said Martinez, who is Colombian-American. “I was completely sold because I am a first-generation-born Colombian-American. So for me, this was not just an opportunity to dance and work on a project on that side, but also to bring my cultural background to help represent Columbia in such a positive light that only Disney can really do.”

Encanto is currently streaming on Disney+.

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