Ernest Dickerson Directing "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Premiere +  Cast/Crew Tease New Character Intros
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Ernest Dickerson Directing "The Walking Dead" Season 3 Premiere + Cast/Crew Tease New Character Intros


Easily one of my fave shows on TV right now, AMC's The Walking Dead, ended season 2 last month with a bang – in an episode that was directed by Ernest Dickerson, that introduced a character many have been anxiously anticipating, Michonne, to be played by Danai Gurira when season 3 rolls around. 

Can't wait!

Further, speaking at a Hollywood TV Academy event soon after the season ended, the show's producers and cast shared some other season 3 expectations including the "unleashing" of T-Dogg (IronE Singleton), and some "really intense stuff with Michonne."

In the new behind-the-scenes video released today, and embedded below, the series cast and crew, on set shooting season 3, talk further about what to expect next season. One revelation that was music to my ears was that Ernest Dickerson is directing the season 3 premiere epiosde! Fitting I suppose, after season explosive 2's finale, which he directed.

Also worth noting from the video is the announcement from co-star Laurie Holden that new characters will be introduced (we know that), adding that while some of those new characters have been announced, others have not been revealed. So those who aren't too thrilled by the news that T-Dogg will be more present and useful in the series, you just may get your wish – one of those yet-to-be-announced new characters to be introduced in season 3 could be Tyreese, who many of you have been longing for.

But expect a "harder, darker, faster, deeper. It's incredibly dangerous, and it's thrilling" season 3, kicking off with what should be an even more explosive season premiere directing by Dickerson.


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