A Definitive Ranking Of The Characters On 'Euphoria' From Worst To Not Worst
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A Definitive Ranking Of The Characters On 'Euphoria' From Worst To Not Worst

With the finale of Euphoria's first season coming up on Sunday, we decided to celebrate by giving you a definitive ranking of all of the show's characters from worst....to not worst. Because let's face it, this show has some complex, messed-up characters.

With this list, we are only ranking series regular characters. But just so you know, supporting characters like Ethan and Ashtray would rank on the not-worst side of our list, folks like BB would appear somewhere midway, and characters like Daniel, Troy and Roy would appear on the worst side.

Now, let's get into it...

12. Nate (Jacob Elordi)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Jail. That's it. Next!

Pros: None

11. Cal (Eric Dane)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Also jail. Next!

Pros: None

10. Maddy (Alexa Demie)

Photo; HBO Photo; HBO

Cons: Not quite jail-ready yet, but a potential cellmate for Nate after lying to the police and having an innocent man charged in her assault. Though we are super empathetic to her situation as a survivor of abuse, she is a textbook example of how victims can become abusers themselves.

ProsThe new era Manny Santos realness she serves. Not seemingly problematic outside of the toxic relationship with Nate.


9. McKay (Algee Smith)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Toxic masculinity in the flesh. Can be very problematic no matter how many times we root for him. Needs more Black people in his life.

Pros: His behavior and attitude are likely the results of carrying the weight of his parents' hopes and dreams for him.


8. Kat (Barbie Ferreira)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Her newfound braggadocio may alienate those that are truly there for her.

Pros: Feminist icon. Tumblr legend. Owns her sexuality. Is starting to put herself first.


7. Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) 

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Makes questionable decisions. Cheats.

Pros: As a survivor of abuse, and inadvertently coming into her sexuality at a young age, it was not easy for her and had repercussions that she was not prepared for -- but in in the words of Rue, she's one of the sweetest girls she knows.


6. Leslie (Nika King)


Cons: Lets Rue talk to her any kind of way. Oddly enough, seems to not catch when something is off with Rue.

Pros: Despite missing some warning signs, she loves her daughters Rue and Gia.


5. Jules (Hunter Schafer)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Lies to Rue. Technically, she may have cheated, but who knows what her actual definition of their relationship is?

Pros: 9 times out of 10, she is a loving and supportive friend. A style and representation icon!


4. Rue (Zendaya)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: A compulsive liar with obsessively bad behavior. Also, we may be taking this personal but...she's not a reliable narrator either.

Pros: She's reforming herself and is truly trying to recover and live with her addiction; would have placed lower on this list earlier in the season, but now we stan.


3. Gia (Storm Reid)

Photo; HBO Photo; HBO

Cons: Tried Rue when she was under the influence of Troy and Roy once but quickly learned her big sister was not the one.

Pros: A loving sister to Rue when it comes down to it.


2. Fezco (Angus Cloud)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: Sells drugs to young teens.

Pros: Will do anything for Rue. Looks after his grandmother and Ashtray, by doing whatever it takes to support his household. Could likely put Nate in a jail cell or a casket (Nate deserves it!).


1. Lexi (Maude Apatow)

Photo: HBO Photo: HBO

Cons: None that we know of. We'd have to have more context of her and Rue's relationship back in the day for further evaluation.

Pros: Constantly saves the day, looks out for her girls and has an impeccable taste in historical figures. By far the most likable and the least-worst of Euphoria's chracters.


Did we get it right? Is there anyone you would rank higher or lower? Comment below!



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