Exclusive: 'The Amazing Nina Simone' Doc (Ft Siblings, Friends, Band Members) in Post-Production
Photo Credit: S & A

Exclusive: 'The Amazing Nina Simone' Doc (Ft Siblings, Friends, Band Members) in Post-Production


Jeff Lieberman‘s upcoming documentary titled The Amazing Nina Simone: A Documentary Film is NOT to be confused with “the first definitive documentary” on the life of Nina Simone (in collaboration with her estate and daughter, and produced by Jon KamenJustin Wilkes and Sidney Beaumont) that we first announced in June of last year. 

Lieberman, who helmed the fascinating documentary Re Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria (see our review HERE), confirmed exclusively to S&A that his upcoming project on legendary Priestess of Soul Nina Simone has begun post-production. 

The director first began consulting with Simone’s daughter, but soon after decided to take a more independent approach, and ended up becoming involved with the late singer’s siblings, friends and band members.

Below are some more details that Lieberman revealed on the production, which should release its first trailer in the next month or two:

  • The documentary will feature Al Schackman, Nina Simone’s guitarist for 43 years, as well as artist mentor ‘Papa’ Emile Latimer – drummer and musician who would join Simone to sing on stage in the 60’s. Lieberman was able to interview Latimer before his death (due to complications following a stroke) in October of last year.

  • Lieberman has been working closely with Nina’s 3 surviving brothers, especially Sam Waymon – Nina’s youngest brother, longtime musician, and one-time manager. As a side tip, Waymon is also involved with Spike Lee‘s upcoming film titled Blood of da Jesus.

  • Lieberman has completed 60 interviews, and he will go into post-production with just a few more interviews to finish. 

It should be interesting, especially since Leiberman is going the “independent” route with his documentary. As mentioned earlier, the first trailer of The Amazing Nina Simone should surface in the next month or two. 

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