Expect Fast-Paced, Jam-Packed Season 3 Of 'The Walking Dead' But Not Faithful To Comics
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Expect Fast-Paced, Jam-Packed Season 3 Of 'The Walking Dead' But Not Faithful To Comics


Some worth-sharing reveals for season 3 of AMC's hit show The Walking Dead.

First, according to series executive producer Glen Mazzara, in an interview with TV Guide, season 3 is going to be fast-paced, with plenty of story covered.

Said Mazzara:

"I guarantee people will say the show is moving too fast and it's too packed… 'There's too much going on, I can't take it, it's too exciting!' Trust me, I know people are going to say that because we are really hitting the ground running and we expect the audience to keep up."

Although, Mazzara also adds that while they'll try to stick to the original stories and characters in the comic books in Season 3, when Rick and company find an abandoned prison and are introduced to the Governor and others, don't expect to know every twist and turn before it happens, because they are changing a few things.

"Our Woodbury will be very recognizable to the fans of the comics… However, we are going to tell this story our way and make it our own."

Mazzara doesn't expound on that however.

Of course, we already know that season 3 will see the introduction of Michonne (Danai Gurira), which many are excited about. Mazzara said that t Michonne will be instrumental in the development of Andrea (Laurie Holden).

"I wanted to put a spotlight on Andrea and to develop who is that character on her own terms… Not in Dale or Shane's shadow. I think Andrea is ready to be on her own and it will be interesting to see two strong female perspectives together."

Also expected in season 3 is the return of Merle, a character from season 1 character played by Michael Rooker. You'll recall Merle is Daryl's (Norman Reedus') hot-tempered racist brother, who was last seen handcuffed to a roof with a horde of zombies approaching. I guess he lived 🙂

As for what we can expect from Merle, Mazzara told TV Guide:

"Merle will be the X factor.' No matter who Merle is with, he's always his own man… Merle's missing hand is his reminder of what Rick and his crew did to him. That's not something he'll ever forget."

You'll recall our post last week on the potential return of another season 1 character played by Lennie James, who said he'd been contact by the producers of the show; but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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