'Falcon Rising' Announces Theatrical Markets! Opens 9/5/14 (Not Playing Near You? Get it On Demand 9/4)
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'Falcon Rising' Announces Theatrical Markets! Opens 9/5/14 (Not Playing Near You? Get it On Demand 9/4)

nullA theatrical release date for the first installment in the "Codename: Falcon" franchise of movies starring Michael Jai White, titled "Falcon Rising," is set for September 5. We’ve also learned that the film will be available on VOD starting on September 4, a day before its theatrical release.

Opening theatrical playdates (cities, states, theaters) are listed below.

Last year, we brought you news that White had signed on to star in what was/is expected to be an action movie franchise from Moonstone Entertainment. The franchise revolves around a former marine named John "Falcon" Chapman, described as a "dark anti-hero driven by guilt, who will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy," making him "a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the foreign ministry."

In the first film in the franchise, our man Chapman travels to Brazil to hunt down his sister’s killers, and, in the process, discovers an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia.

White himself previously shared that the Falcon movies are the type of projects he’s "waited to do" his "entire career," adding, "Get ready folks cause this [is the] first of what’s to come."

Ernie Barbarash (who directed 2 Jean-Claude Van Damme movies) is director of "Falcon Rising." 

Neal McDonough and Laila Ali are also in the film.

Moonstone’s plans are to produce about one Falcon movie a year, following White’s Chapman character as he is sent to exotic locations all over the world, to do the "foreign ministry’s" dirty work.

If you missed it, the film’s first trailer is embedded below. But first, opening theatrical markets (9/5/14) follow immediately below:


Palace 18 Cinema

Miami, FL

Touchstar Southchase 7

Orlando, FL


AMC Southlake 24



AMCLoews Streets of Woodfield 20



Hollywood Hits Theatre

Danvers, MA


Goodrich – Quality 16

Ann Arbor, MI


AMC Empire 25



Atlas Great Lakes 16

Mentor, OH


Frank Montgomeryville 12

Lansdale, PA


Sundance Cinemas

Seattle, WA


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