Feature Doc 'Let's Bow Our Heads & Segregate' Asks Why The Church Is Most Segregated Major Institution
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Feature Doc 'Let's Bow Our Heads & Segregate' Asks Why The Church Is Most Segregated Major Institution


We featured Harare, Zimbabwe-born director Brian Chinhema's last work, a 2010 feature doc titled Multiracial Identity, on the old S&A site; now Brian informs he is currently in production for his next film, also a documentary, this time tackling identity in another form – religion.

Titled Let's Bow Our Heads and Segregate, Brian says that the film explores the following quote from Martin Luther King jr:

There is another thing that disturbs me to no end about the American church. You have a White church and you have a Negro church. You have allowed segregation to creep into the doors of the church. How can such a division exist in the true Body of Christ? You must face the tragic fact that when you stand at eleven o’clock on Sunday morning to sing ‘All hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’ and ‘Dear Lord and Father of All Mankind,’ you stand in the most segregated hour of Christian America. They tell me that there is more integration in the entertaining world and other secular agencies than there is in the Christian church. How appalling that is?

I'm curious… despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I'm not a *believer.*

Although I'd offer that this has less to do with religion specifically, and is more a function of a larger societal issue that's rooted in the history of segregation in this country.

But I'm keen on seeing what Brian comes up with here.

I'd also bet that this could be one of those subjects that might inspire lots of conversation afterward.

The full poster follows below; and you can pick up a copy of Brian's last film, Multiracial Identity, HERE (I embedded its trailer underneath for a glimpse at the filmmaker's work):

Multiracial Identity from Multiracial Identity on Vimeo.

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