FESPACO 2013 - Listen To BBC Africa Panel On Challenges Facing African Filmmakers
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FESPACO 2013 - Listen To BBC Africa Panel On Challenges Facing African Filmmakers


Today is the last day of FESPACO 2013, and awards have begun to be handed out, which we will bring to you once the final award, the Golden Stallion (the Etalon de Yennenga), is revealed.

While we wait for the full list to come through, take an hour of your time this morning, or whenever you get to it, to listen to this panel discussion that was held at FESPACO by BBC Africa, titled  Are artists free to tell their own stories?

The 55-minute panel was broadcast live yesterday, Friday, March 1, and is now available to listen to via BBC Africa’s blog, where it’s described as follows: 

As Fespaco opens, Africa’s biggest film festival featuring movies from across the continent, we consider the successes in the developing world’s cinema output.

But what are the political, financial and logistical challenges still faced by film makers and artists in Africa and beyond? Censorship, distribution, funding, language, the Hollywood version of their stories versus the versions they want to tell – all limit film-makers story-telling abilities.

Will the likes of Nollywood and Bollywood ever be able to compete with Hollywood – and if so, how? What defines ‘success’ anyway – is it always commercial?

A weighty panel as you can see and one that is worth listening to, so head over to BBC Africa to catch it all now HERE (the played is not embeddable).

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