FESPACO 2013 - Moroccan Director Nabil Ayouch's 'God's Horses'
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FESPACO 2013 - Moroccan Director Nabil Ayouch's 'God's Horses'


Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch's Les Chevaux De Dieu (God's Horsespremiered at Cannes 2012 and will next screen at the twenty third (23rd) edition of the Pan-African Film & TV Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), which will take place from February 23 to March 22013.

The film is loosely based on the terrorist attacks that took place in Casablanca on May 13, 2003. Ayouch was shocked by these attacks that were committed by a gang of kids from a neighbourhood that he knew very well, and with this film, he wanted to essentially humanize the suicide bombers, and show that they themselves are/were also victims.

The film has been reviewed very well, although its POV (showing that the suicide bombers were victims themselves) might be what's keeping distributors away. Or maybe not.

The Hollywood Reporter called it an…

… Engrossing, realistic study of a Moroccan slum and how it becomes a breeding ground for young terrorists.

And further…

… this is less a film about terrorists than an intimate portrait of boys growing up in a toxic environment. All the non-pro actors turn in natural performances… Tech work is high quality throughout…

And Variety had this to say about the film:

… the pic delves into a shantytown atmosphere of machismo, wounded pride and powerlessness, which collectively act as a petri dish for fanaticism. By spending considerable time on milieu and the friends as kids, Ayouch sets his film apart, delineating personalities that avoid the cookie-cutter repetition seen elsewhere. "Horses" will trot confidently into Euro arthouses.

But maybe not American arthouses I presume…

I'm obviously interested and curious to see this, and hope it makes its way to New York eventually.

But those attenging FESPACO will get a look at it in a few weeks.

I uncovered 3 clips from the film, which you can watch below:

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