Filmmaker Mohamed Dione Goes Home To Share His Art In Trailer For 'Going Home: Guinea, Conakry'
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Filmmaker Mohamed Dione Goes Home To Share His Art In Trailer For 'Going Home: Guinea, Conakry'


Check out the trailer for an upcoming new documentary from Mohamed Dione, titled Going Home: Guinea, Conakry, which follows 2 Guinean artists (Dione and musician/activist Diallo Sanoussy Gallice Jr.who, after a decade living abroad in the USA, take a trip back to their homeland to share home-inspired their art.

The film will explore how their art will inspire, motivate and entertain the youth of Guinea.

Dione’s short film, Maffe Tiga (Peanut Butter Stew), which starred Dione and Marie Josephine Zoumanigui, was highlighted on this site in 2011/2012. The film is currently streaming on, after screening at several film festivals around the world.

You can follow the progress of the Caramel Cappuccino Films production Going Home: Guinea, Conakry via the film’s Facebook page:; and on Twitter:

I’m especially interested in seeing this when it’s eventually in release; as an artist who was born in Nigeria, spent my adolescent years in Cameroon, and moved to the USA in my early teens, and who hasn’t been “home” in many years (although not entirely by choice), and for whom the idea of “home” is a somewhat ephemeral one, and who plans to go back “home” soon, I think I’d find Dione’s film informative, and enriching. Exploring, on film, the notion of reconnecting with a familiar yet not-so familiar place, after so many years away, disconnected, almost as if creating an entirely different human being altogether, is appealing to me.

Watch the just-released first trailer for Going Home: Guinea, Conakry below:

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