Filmmaker Noel Clarke Hints At Possible "British Vigilante Superhero" Project
Photo Credit: S & A

Filmmaker Noel Clarke Hints At Possible "British Vigilante Superhero" Project

nullVia his Tumblr page, BAFTA-winning actor/filmmaker Noel Clarke asked readers this weekend, "Anyone up for a UK superhero?"

Clarke revealed that he's had a project in the works for a while now called ANTI HERO.  He's even created an ANTI HERO symbol, or sign, that has appeared in several other productions, like Clarke's film 4,3,2,1 and the Channel 4 series Top Boy, since he first came up with the idea.

Here's exactly what Clarke had to say about ANTI HERO:

"It’s a british vigilante Superhero film (That Still Might Happen) and I had leaked the sign in a few different places in 4321, including on that bin, because i was planning on doing that next. We were with a good company that waited until they approved the script and we were ready to shoot then said “it might not be a (the company name) Film” possibly because it was “Too Urban” who knows.  So I went and did others things, but the script is still ready to go and i’ve put new directors on it now."

Stay tuned to S&A for any updates on this proposed project.

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