Flex Alexander Pokes Fun At His Michael Jackson Film In TikTok With Daughter: 'Here Y'all Go'
Photo Credit: VH1 / TikTok

Flex Alexander Pokes Fun At His Michael Jackson Film In TikTok With Daughter: 'Here Y'all Go'

Do you remember Flex Alexander as Michael Jackson? How can we forget!?

Alexander is known for many roles, including One on One, but one that sticks in many folks’ minds for different reasons his portrayal of Michael Jackson in a TV film. Alexander has become the subject of thousands of memes and viral videos on social media. He says social media made it difficult for him for a minute.

Alexander was honored to play Jackson in a film, despite his portal being called into question because of not resembling the icon. “It was hard when social media came out and everybody started killing me,” he told D.L. Hughley in 2019.

“At first, I was sensitive about it, “I just took a job,” and you gotta look at yourself. It wasn’t hard for me to do it at the time. I was a huge fan and I never believed any of the stuff anyway,” he said firmly.

The One On One star played Jackson in the 2004 VH1 biopic Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story.” The movie followed Jackson as he becomes a solo singing sensation in the 1980s.


In terms of the sexual abuse allegations against the King of Pop, Alexander thinks he’s innocent. “From the stuff I know, absolutely not [he didn’t do it…It’s a little different [that he slept in the bed with children].”

Jackson was the subject of an HBO docuseries featuring two accusers who alleged he’d abused them throughout several years in their childhood. Jackson maintained his innocence until his death.

Alexander jokes on himself in TikTok video

In a new TikTok video, his daughter says, “A lot of you guys always ask me about the Michael Jackson movie. I can’t answer that, but I have somebody who can.” Alexander appears and mimics Jackson’s popular adlibs.

In the caption, she says “lol here y’all go.”

Watch below:

@imaniaaliyahhh Reply to @sidneyyy102 lol here y’all go 😭😭😂 #fyp #comedy #foryoupage ♬ original sound – mani🦋

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