French-Martinican Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr is a Mysterious Agent in Busy 1st Trailer for Thriller 'Colt 45'
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French-Martinican Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr is a Mysterious Agent in Busy 1st Trailer for Thriller 'Colt 45'

nullNone of the movies he’s starred in have been formerly released here in the USA (or, at least, English-subtitled versions of them for non-French speakers), but I’m hoping that, eventually, one of them will be picked up by an American distributor and released in these United States, because I’m really curious to finally see what this guy can do on screen, given just how active he appears to be in French cinema, especially in what look like rather high profile, mostly action/thriller projects – likely a rarity for a French-Martinican rapper-turned-actor in France.

Up next for the busy Joeystarr is a crime thriller titled "Colt 45," from Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz, which follows a weapon supervisor and expert shooter for the French National Police named Vincent Milès, who, at only 25 years old, is being courted by other elite agencies around the globe. But, unphased, he turns them all down. His life then takes a crucial turn when he meets Milo Cardena (played by our man Joeystarr), a mysterious field agent, who drags him into a whirlwind of mystery and violence. Trapped in his own version of hell, Vincent will have to kill for his own survival.

Ymanol Perset plays Vincent. 

Egyptian actor Amr Waked, as well as Gérard Lanvin, Simon Abkarian, and Alice Taglion round out the starring cast.

The below trailer looks like it should be an entertaining romp.!

Warner Bros. has the theatrical rights for the film’s release in France, so just maybe Warner Bros. USA will do the same for this side of the Atlantic. 

Joeystarr recently co-starred in "The Losers" director Sylvain White’s adaptation of French author Jean-Christophe Grangé’s dark and macabre thriller "Miserere," alongside Gérard Depardieu, as two cops – a veteran and an anxious younger cop – working together to solve an unusual, dark and disturbing case.

That film was released in France in June 2013, but, no word on whether it has, or will ever travel. I’d love to see what Sylvain White’s been up to as well actually. It’s been a little while.

Also set for release this year, in addition to "Colt 45," Joeystarr stars in French helmer Tristan Aurouet’s 3rd feature film, titled "36 Heures à Tuer"  ("36 Hours To Kill") – another crime drama it would appear (he’s done a number of those recently) as you can see, as he builds a library of work that contrasts the comedies made by another pair of black Frenchmen who also seem to be doing very well as actors/entertainers in the country – Thomas Ngijol and Fabrice Eboué; names readers of this blog will be familiar with I hope.

And they’ve all been seemingly successful without crossing over to find even more success in the USA, like Omar Sy has now done. 

But these are a trio of actors (Joeystarr, Thomas Ngijol and Fabrice Eboué) you probably should pay attention to anyway.

Here’s the brand new trailer for Joeystarr’s latest, "Cold 45" (full poster below). It’s not English-subtitled, but the images tell enough of the tale. It opens in French theaters next month:


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